Dude irradiated with other radiation to render him immortal


So, friend, funny, but still. But the immortality is bullshit, better lasers from his eyes and super-strength.

The teacher of the Moscow College arrested for possession of radioactive substances. The logical question «why?» the man replied, «to become immortal». Logically, Cho.

All confiscated six kilograms of radioactive substances and eight pounds was found in the garage.

The 35-year-old dude had a friend who wanted immortality. For this purpose he even went to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Radioactive substances the boys were mined in landfills.

Don’t know how the immortal has become one Moscow teacher, and have no idea how fast he fell off the eggs, changed the complexion and rose blue wool.

Stupid, stupid, man, doesn’t he know that ordinary radiation is not valid?! Need a radioactive spider or many years of mutation. And radiation as it is not much immortality will help a maximum of a superpower.

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