Dude in shorts and a mask of a horse has inspired the people of new York to fight with the elements

Bro, as you probably know, the U.S. is now a huge tragedy — hurricane sandy. Everyone is struggling with the elements as you can. But the American Cryin Jimmy (Jimmy Kruyne) from Washington decided to do originally, like a real American crazy bro.

After learning that the crew of the NBC is not far from his home, Jimmy wrote in his Twitter that he intends to walk on prostopleer the city in very specific masquerade.

Wearing horse mask and not forgetting shorts, Jimmy went outside and immediately came to live. He jumped from side to side, waving her hands and tried to draw the attention of journalists themselves.

The reporter was taken aback and said to the camera: «Well, you see how you can tune in to storm. You can close the house and be afraid, and can treat everything with humor.»

After Jimmy was a little star the big storm, he wrote in his microblog that, despite his behavior, he reacted to the disaster seriously, and even bought for the occasion 12 packs of different ice cream. Now bro has remained close at home and devour sweets, trembling in fear before the violence of nature.

In bro immediately appeared followers. One dude even recorded a video where he’s wearing a mask of a unicorn riding in the pouring rain on the rollers.

As dumarest friend, «the feast during the plague» or a real attempt «to tune in to the storm»?

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