Dude from France built a city out of chewing gum

Solent Agencies Novin , Photos

It seems that most of the inhabitants the usual entertainment somehow don’t deliver, all they want something really unusual and amazing.

Artist Jeremy Laffon, who lives in France, built a city with four thousand plates of gum, well that is with the plates, a friend, not from crinkled material.

Dude did the design almost three months. The first «building material» he bought in stores, but over time, when zvonom architect went the glory, the group has allocated Cadbury man some of their stocks.

Design of plates constructed on the principle of a house of cards. Plates are connected with glue.

He decided to name his exhibition «Collapse of hope». To this crash occurred, he decided even podpravit a couple of records that one day all this beauty happened, like a house of cards.

The creature will put in Limoges. Rumor has it that the design has managed to fall.

Solent Agencies Novin , Photos

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