Dude beat up his neighbor because he drew a penis on my face


Many bro College years are remembered with exuberant — for example, when some loser, just like at camp, play is not the most pleasant way. But the losers it was just not very uncomfortable. Here they can understand that he felt James Denham Watson.

By the way, the guy’s 31, and he rented an apartment with two friends in Arlington, Virginia. As it is not solid already so fun, isn’t it, dude?

Neighbors children noted that they liked to drink and joke over each other. Once James woke up at five on Saturday morning, looked at myself in the mirror and saw a penis drawn in… near your mouth. It’s a bit like the film «Movie 43». Watson lashed out at the sleeping Joker and began to beat him seriously. Woke up the third roommate hard dragged him away from the victim.

While Watson tried to wash the marker from his cheeks, dudes come in. About half an hour later the victim was hospitalized with serious injuries and puffy eyes. But Watson, who was not able to wash permanent marker, jail time. As you can see, the even had places to cover. I think guy pretty neighing at the station.

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