Ducati Diavel Titanium 2015: limited edition

manygoodtips.com_18.11.2014_Pcf9Sr2dlZ8JfThe Italians definitely know a lot about not only pasta, pizza and unstable architecture, but also in creating incredibly cool motorcycles, and confirmed once again the well-known company for the production of motorcycles – Ducati.

Limited edition Ducati Diavel Titanium is planned for next year. In total, the pipeline will take only 500 motorcycles with unique numbering.

Ducati Diavel Titanium was created in the image of the second cruiser in the history of the brand called Ducati Diavel and it is based on the engine the Testastretta 11° DS electronic injection and 162 K. S.

Primarily change only the appearance of the motorcycle: a stylish color, titanium protection on the tank and the headlight, adding to the construction of carbon fiber modified form of air intakes, windscreen, wings, and the technical features were left as the previous model.

The developers believe their offspring bold experiment, to satisfy the demands of those who are still in search of a radical combination of customization and refinement. High-tech and innovative materials ensure the new product is not only dazzling looks, but also a high level of reliability and protection.

Total weight fully equipped Superbike is 234 kg and the final price has not been disclosed.

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