Drunken Hockey player broke into someone’s house, lay down on the sofa and refused to go


A quiet family night. Idyll right, all busy with their own Affairs, as neojidanno in the house to break in drunken goat hockey player, falls on the sofa and doesn’t want to go somewhere. 23-year-old hockey player is a canadian-American hockey League (AHL) Scott Timmin drinking in a bar with friends, then in the best tradition of movies about booze and fun a way of life man fell into the sweet darkness that carried on the morning only pain, suffering complete amnesia extending to the next day.

When a player entered the apartment, the head of the family of Benjamin Garza (Benjamin Garza) was absent, and the house was his wife and his three children. The wife and found a drunk canadian on the couch. The requirements to get out of the house, the loonie did not respond, and asked the woman to leave his house. So, dude, what would happen if he showed up at her after a bath on January 31? Perhaps he would be a second Jack Lucasanum. No front teeth.

However, the police calmed the ardor of hockey and proved to him clearly who was wrong. Now it is waiting for term. What? It is NOT clear.

The father, when he learned about the invasion of the canadian in the house became enraged and said that he personally would have shot the kid with his hands if you were at home. But do not figure to wave fists after the fight!

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