Drunk tank


They say that in the West Russian I’m afraid, suffice it to say hooligan from new York with a Russian accent, he immediately restrained. Don’t know if this is true, but the fact that in Europe and in other countries abroad think we are, to put it mildly, strange, that’s for sure.

Another video with a dash camera, Ryazan. Traffic supervisor asks to stop a man whose camera takes the video. And then, just around the corner, spewing out a huge heavy tank. He rolls his huge body down the road until suddenly it did not go crazy, and he crashed into a lamppost. It should be noted the representative of traffic police (or as it now called?), which flagman and ofigev watching the tank. It seems that his head will rotate as the head of an owl or owl.

Actually, it turned out that the dude driving a tank (or whatever it’s properly called) was drunk. How much is unclear. A little ashamed of our compatriots from Ryazan.

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