Drunk man illegally snuck into the plane


A drunk 22-year-old hotel Manager managed to get on the plane through the baggage compartment. The guy told the staff that he was the second pilot of the airliner. Today was the hearing in his case.

Or Gazard, pleaded guilty to trespassing aboard the plane and a security breach at the airport and the plane.

After the incident Gezard dismissed from the post of hotel Manager and was accused of stealing food from Caffe Nero at the airport, for the sum of £ 36,45.

He was fined £ 185 plus £20 in respect of non-pecuniary damage to the owner of the cafe.

Gezard claimed to have been put on the Board after a pass at the airport (the plane was heading to Ibiza). But in the course of the investigation, it was found that his name was not even booked.

Lawyer Gezard argues that this act should be considered no more than just a «drunken escapade», as he noted that «in fact, Gazard doesn’t even know how he ended up in the airport» due to booze with friends.

After the plane arrived, the airport police and the man was arrested, Gazard told officers: «I was trying to show how easy it was to penetrate into this plane — and I did it. I told the cleaners what I the second pilot.»

Surveillance cameras showed how Gezard crawling through the open Luggage office, and then jumps on the plane.

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