Drunk ice cream

We continue to struggle with heat and heat, because it becomes easier not. The asphalt is literally melting under their feet, because we need something to drink, and better that that «something» contained a good portion of ice cream. Since today is Friday, we will have ice cream by degrees. In General, alcohol recipes with ice cream, good drinks, which make on the basis of beer (we’ll even tell). But today we chose the recipes easier to not take you too much time. You only need the briquette of the usual vanilla ice cream and a couple of ingredients, which we describe below.

1. Ice cream in Roma

manygoodtips.com_8.07.2016_ZFf8e853pOO2oLet’s start with something easy. But this does not mean that the recipe is banal and bad — it’s a classic, time-tested. The combination of rum and ice cream has never been purely for perverts, you should try it.


— 50 ml dark rum;

— 150 grams of vanilla ice cream;

— grated chocolate (quite a bit);

— some ice.


For cooking we will need a glass «rocks». However, if nobody sees, then take any other container for drinking.

1. Fill the glass with ice to the brim.

2. Put in blender ice cream, pour it in dark rum.

3. Mix all this and pour into a glass with ice.

4. Sprinkle the top with grated chocolate.

2. Creamy whiskey

manygoodtips.com_8.07.2016_IVMIqybRcc2jmRecommend to take Scotch whiskey, but we are not so sure. Only know that it is better to take a quality drink bad whiskey and ice-cream will not interrupt.


— 50 ml whiskey;

— 10 ml syrup (plain sugar syrup 1:1);

— 15 ml whipped cream;

— 150 grams of vanilla ice cream;

— a little grated chocolate;



This time we need a glass of wine. Do everything in it.

1. Fill the glass with ice to the brim.

2. In a blender put vanilla ice cream, pour in it the same whiskey, syrup and cream.

3. A good whisk and pour the whole mass into a glass.

4. Sprinkle with grated chocolate.

3. Hummer

manygoodtips.com_8.07.2016_vRz71lchXyPOtVery rude name for such a nice and easy drink, but not going to argue with the authors of the cocktail, and just tell you about the recipe.


1 part Kahlua liqueur;

— 1 part rum (preferably dark);

— 2 parts vanilla ice cream).


This time we need a glass of «highball». Preparing this drink is even easier than the previous one.

1. Mix all ingredients in a blender at very low speed.

2. Pour into a glass and serve yourself to the joy.

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