Drunk dude got into the store just for the cookies

Dude, sometimes passionately want something, but you don’t have, and even howl. That’s the dude from Sebastopol longed for the biscuits… Night. Well, he did not winnow.

The man in the four hours they broke into a store, went in there and started eating the delicious cookies. The police came immediately: the alarm went off.

The detained 30-year-old man (previously convicted) was in a condition of strong alcoholic intoxication. According to him, he was walking home late in the evening and found that the mini-market near the house is closed, but that didn’t stop him: he broke the shop, dropped the window, opened the package of cookies, they ate a lot and found peace in the welcoming arms of the floor and broken glass where I fell asleep.

Beautiful dreams was dispelled by the police. Her husband had just gone to the fridge with cold beer, as it is immediately grabbed.

Now he faces up. Cookies is really evil, man!

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