DROPCATCH — now all the lids in one place!


We have written many times about the original openers. We had a stylish watch with mermaids, we had stylized antique Japanese bottle openers, and a lot of what was. But the opener is a simple mechanism, as it can be a hundred times better?

We personally came up with only one thought: something to do with the caps: they then roll around the house, but the cat brazenly puts their paw under the bed (in case the cat). But these guys invented a great way to deal with the caps. With the help of a magnet.

Do you routinely open the bottle on the ledge, the lid falls and sticks to the wooden plate, under which is hidden a powerful magnet. The surface of the panel is pleasant enough — wood walnut, handmade, stuff, you know! The magnet itself is made of high quality alloy of rare earth metals. A small version of this bottle opener can accommodate 15 caps, and large — more than 50. The very opener attached to the wall, which is not always convenient, though, on the other hand, can beautify the house.

The exact price is unknown, but we know that a lot can opener costs about $ 50.


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