Drones with camera: 3 models for high-quality shooting

«Float like a butterfly, shoot like an operator «Survived» Emmanuel Lubezki» — says an old proverb quadrocopter. It is these volatile operators we will now discuss. The demand for them is growing every day, and now allow yourself take a spectacular flight over the picturesque valley not only famous Directors who make films with a budget higher than the GDP of Eritrea, but also film Directors and fans. Even wedding videos are shot from the height of bird flight.

1. Yuneec Q500 RTF

manygoodtips.com_22.09.2016_kAWgTVdybdlpzQuadcopter RTF Q500 able to produce such a image quality and shooting, which many only dreamed of, but didn’t know how to implement.

The car is reliable, able to stay in the air for 25 minutes. However, included are two batteries, which significantly extend the flight instance.

The device is controlled using the remote control with a built-in 4.5″ touch screen, which is much easier life and gives you complete control over the volatile carrier. Built-in Full HD camera on the stable 3-axis gimbal gives a fantastic, albeit not the best quality picture and very good viewing angle of 130°.

By itself, the device is easy, 1700 grams. The advantage goes to the battery and other payload 1130 grams. So that you can be quiet: the normal wind it will not blow, except squally storm.For beginners and undemanding operators such characteristics will suffice, but for demanding Directors who love the spectacular spans of slow motion will need a bigger model.

2. Yuneec Q500 4K

manygoodtips.com_22.09.2016_Ury848tHZuSPdAnd here is a more advanced model. And it’s not that it comes with a durable aluminum case, the case in more advanced technical characteristics. In the eye catches a 4K camera CGO3, and from the look in her eyes, like the eye of Sauron, not hide, no one and nothing.

The copter is capable of a lot, for example, to shoot slow motion in Full HD at 1080p/120fps. In the air it will last all the same 25 minutes, and the Q500 RTF. However, the main features here, not even in the chamber, and they are able to surprise.

For example, if for some reason you broke down the copter, then you can safely snap a pen with a battery and a wheel angle setting called SteadyGrip, hang the camera and easy to do stable hand-held shooting.

You can still take photos, record video and control the camera using the mobile application CGO3.

New automatic Watch Me and Follow Me — a real salvation for all lovers of a good shot. For example, Watch Me makes the drone automatically follow their movement. And instead of sweaty and wild nerves attempt to remove the smooth movement, you can make the flying camera to follow you around.

Well, this copter is versatile. Choose, as always, to the consumer.

3. Yuneec Typhoon H

manygoodtips.com_22.09.2016_w1rEhAGfk7SEqOne of the most advanced platforms for shooting video and photos from the air in such a compact format. In fact it is much more than a regular quadrocopter for shooting. It is possible that were previously available except in models for a lot of money.

Typhoon H looks brutal and stylish, vaguely Recalling a glorious helicopter, and I must say that its capabilities are just as impressive, if not to take into account that this machine is for art, not war.

Still H much more powerful Typhoon Yuneec Q500 4K, despite some similarities: 4K camera CGO3, stable 3-axis gimbal, modes, slow motion at 1080p/120fps and flying for 25 minutes. But there are some very nice ništâčki not found in cheaper models.For example, the modes. In order to even the layman lost his office, the copter is replete with such modes: Orbit Mode (flying around in a circle, aiming the camera at you), Point of Interest (an Autonomous flying around a chosen point) and many others that will significantly facilitate the work and help to make a spectacular shot.

Included is a new remote ST16 on Android c touch screen diagonal of 7 inches. To him, by the way, it is possible to connect a large screen to the operator via HDMI. This is a screen resolution of 720p HD will be broadcast all blade operator filmed. The device is controlled very easily, giving colorful images in real-time. In addition, this is the first unprofessional copter’s chassis, which rise and give an overview to 360 degrees. Earlier of such could only dream of.

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