Drones that we have conquered

Drones are taking over the world. They’re on the ground, on the water and, of course, in the air. The flying thing for a long time nobody is surprised. Well, since they are everywhere, let’s take a look at the best and most unusual of them.


When we call the drones work, we, of course, great stretching the truth: what kind of work, which most of the time have to manage yourself. Another thing – Lily. She doesn’t even have a remote control. Its just thrown in the air, after which it follows the master and removes it on video with Full HD resolution and 60 frames per second. Moreover, Lily is able to guess a particularly acute moments when the person jumps, tumbles, flies and more, and switch to slow motion. In General, the best flying camera for narcissism not yet invented.


The French Parrot has created a real bestseller Amazon drones for pet battles. The best gift for those who are not out of adolescence. As they fight, show videos.

And while you AR amazing.Drone 2.0, I hasten to please: the French promised to launch a series of fly, drive, jump and floating bots controlled from a phone or tablet. For shooting not so much, but for indoor battles the most.


Manufacturers of action cameras GoPro has promised that these drones will allow you to create spherical videopanorama in 4K. It is not yet clear whether their drones are able to shoot in the same format, but at least it is possible to dream.

DJI Inspire 1

The flagship of the Chinese company DJI, the maker of the most powerful drones for the mass market the past few years. It is believed that the Inspire is the best flying camera operators and small studios, budget does not allows you to rent the helicopter. He accelerates to almost 100 km/h, rises to a height of 4.5 kilometers, and can withstand wind gusts up to 10 m/s and is able to transmit video at a distance of 2 miles for almost 20 minutes. During the flight, he formed the chassis and the frame of his camera, which shoots in 4K (maximum resolution – 4096 × 2160 pixels!) and rotates 360 degrees, misses no detail of the apparatus. To break it is almost impossible: the drone has an autopilot and a positioning system for flying indoors. The Inspire model is more expensive comes with two remotes: one person drives, another shoots. In short, tank with camera, nothing else.

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