Drink your drinks chilled… iron!

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Summer is coming, and although we are frightened by predictions that it will be too cold and weird, I can confidently say that we can only hope for a favorable outcome.

Summer need more to drink, preferably drink cold (caution!). Will stay again Captain Obvious and note that mankind cools your drinks exclusively with ice. And this is… Wrong, in our progressive view. The fact that a good whiskey can ruin the melt water that invariably formed when the ice cubes melt. And it quite spoils the taste. Besides, coke with ice it becomes ugly when the ice melts.

But smart people have found a solution. We already wrote about the blocks of soapstone, which is cool. Today, the vast kickstarter we found a new project that is simple in its ugliness. Seriously! This project ceased to be just a project and its creators all have profit. What’s the point? The point is that the guys came up with the iron cubes that will chill your drink instead of ice. They were just blocks of stainless steel, which for a time placed in the refrigerator, then took and used as ice. These cubes remain hot much longer than melts.

The price for the set of such cubes very painful bites — $ 35. They went crazy!

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