Dressing community and other obscure female whims


Men and women are different, we can never understand each other — perhaps this is not necessary. However, to understand the basic foundations of behavior, personal and aesthetic habits of each other, we still need, or together, it will be difficult to get along with. I think I’m wrong? Think again. Imagine that your friend always makes herself ugly hairstyle, which is also non-functional, or is objectively ugly and uncomfortable clothes: you look at her and sincerely don’t understand why people disfigures and torments. What we do not see the point, makes us nervous and affect our behavior, who would not say that.

We read including women. Be aware that these your moods we will never understand!

1. Toilet community

Because male and female toilets at my workplace are located close to each other, I had to establish the existence of such a phenomenon. In the bathroom, women don’t just go to the toilet and not just rinse the mug. They hang out there. In all seriousness, a friend. I’m not lying. They can come in the middle of the room with a jolt and something to discuss: I go, I see their silhouettes and hear voices and then I came out and the picture did not change. I wonder why there? Why not in a different, more pleasant place? Women than you so attracts space bathrooms?

2. Building anything

Here I refer, and nails, and hair and eyelashes — they even build up lashes, man. Why am I not pleased artificial nails? First, its terrible. They are huge, and often they are painted in totally wild colors — though it is unclear why, it’s ugly. When I worked as a waiter, I noticed that my partner had a terrible artificial nails, and then it dawned on me that I was disgusting to get food from such a hand. Long nails accumulate dirt, in which live microbes and bacteria. Women, you hygienic freaks, why do I have to tell you about it? Hair extensions is an abomination, the more so that their artificiality is visible to the naked eye. Extended eyelashes and do are beyond my understanding. Do not be scared to stick something in there eye? They look at you, woman!

3. Painted eyebrows

I have my friends have one distant friend who is very carefully watching your eyebrows. When she posts photos, the first thing I notice is her eyebrows. Unnatural, heavily made-up stripe on the face, the type of which I cringe. Why should we do it? I can do without their notice! And if you notice, what for once again to prove to me their existence? Even more strange, when women pluck eyebrows completely and draw fine lines. What’s this for? It’s better than real eyebrows?

4. Solar tan

Usually this technique is used when sunbathing is not the season, but because the tan looks unnatural. There is such a lady in a fur coat, and the coat looks on her inappropriately, as if she put her in the middle of summer. Besides, adeptly solar sects do not know the steps and sunbathing, unless there is a danger to char. The color is, frankly, ugly. It is usually combined with another thing, which men can not understand, namely:

5. Rhinestones

Ersatz luxury for the middle class, the best definition I have not picked up. Plastic disguised as diamonds and is stuck in places a normal person, the diamonds are placed would not. All this wealth sparkles, shimmers and disgusted. Women rhinestone chic you don’t give up. Rhinestones you seem cheap. I don’t have crystallized about, it’s the predictable counter-argument. First, an ardent admirer of crystals, as a rule, can’t afford Swarovski, because in this case strass chic ceases to be cheap. Secondly, there are high-level designers, not the Chinese army, frantically spread on the blouses strass shards and hearts.

6. Uggs

This deformity has always been a mystery to me. Besides them, I understand any women’s shoes: if really do not understand, then at least her existence find a logical explanation. Sneakers is for sports. Gym shoes are convenient. Shoes is generally untilled field: here and for formal occasions, and on povsednevku, and for publication. Boots warm. Boots — warm and comfortable. Rubber boots are functional for the rain. Heels anywhere — added growth and correct figure. See, women, I am very open for your experiments! But uggs! They are ugly, the girls they always slip on the ice and feet in these freaks get wet. Where at least one plus?

7. Heavy makeup day

Yes, I understand that in the evening seen worse and have spread brighter, I’m not a prude and not a supporter of natural beauty. But every day from morning to evening wear on the face of the make-up, contrasting with the neck and shoulders (if the summer) — you don’t see the difference? All at once it becomes clear that you overdid it with makeup, and there is reasonable question, why. I would even touch such a personality was scary: smear the paint that still remain on me.

8. Unwillingness to shave

Just do not tell me about a personal matter! Of course, I realize that I don’t anyone to influence and force to shave, I don’t have any rights. Instead, let’s imagine a hypothetical situation when men begin to shave their legs because «it’s their body and they can do with it what you want.» Nobody will keep, but will look somewhat gross, and the understanding of such fellows will not meet. I remember how my aunts in minibuses, which under the tights vycherchivaya merry curls, even cry.

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