Dressed in the style of Sherlock

Choose a raincoat or overcoat just because it’s beautiful, practical and seems to be solid. But before you decide to dress in the clothes of these men, think about how you will combine the coat with other items of clothing. For example, let’s take a look at how did known carriers of this clothing. Let the killer, the exorcist, the reporter and the two detectives will teach you how to wear the classics in daily life.



Today Cumberbatch sings with Gilmore «somfortably Numb» and absorbed into mutant magician in «Doctor Strange», and more recently, the character was considered hardly probable not the most elegant. Rather, one character — Sherlock. To be completely honest, many girls love the series for action-Packed findings, but for the fact that a cynical and conceited guy dressed well. In fact, he and the men were reminded that classics is the style timeless.

Coat Sherlock is like a costume for Superman, he becomes almost a superhero. I remember with what reverent joy he put it after his «resurrection» as théoden Rohan, who took his sword after the healing? The most legendary coat is a classic tweed coat almost to the floor. But it is not suitable for everyone: it looks rather massive, with a wide binding, and therefore low-growing companions such as Dr. Watson, it will not go. A tall and thin please.

Just don’t forget to wear underneath a classic two-piece with tapered pants. This is the secret of elegance image: nothing sticks out, nothing to loose, all fitted and only emphasizes the thinness and slimness of the character. Please note: even when the hero Cumberbatch excitedly running around the room in his shirt, he still looks gorgeous, because the shirt is not the ill-fated devil creations — folds.Of course, not to spoil the silhouette of a «man-butterfly», «timbs» or «airmassage», so take the simple, classic shoes low-heeled shoes with the laces. Note: you need to be able to wear them, and run them through dungeons (and even in tight pants) was absolutely impossible — will ruin nice shoes.

Well, for more comfort in the cool tie a cashmere scarf (not long) and put his hands gloves of thin leather. And remember two rules: only dark shades are harmoniously combined with each other (for example, the shirt should be lighter than the jacket), and no ties.

As for the image of another beloved Sherlock Holmes — Vasily Livanov, things are more complicated here. Find real Inverness Cape (with flaps like Inspector Gadget), but not everyone is able to wear it. As a three-piece suit — really have forgotten how to look good in the jackets, especially after a few unfortunate years when it’s possible to wear them on a t-shirt.

Frank Colombo


But with another legendary detective, things are quite different. If Sherlock played at least a dozen actors, Lieutenant Frank Columbo was played by only one person — Peter Falk. Because in the 30 years that the series came out, this clumsy detective was for each family, literally a family member. And if a new Judge Dredd» to take, the new Colombo — desecration of the blessed memory of the talented Peter Falk.

But the legendary Lieutenant is much easier to imitate in terms of clothing and appearance. For this you need a simple, classic white shirt, plain narrow tie, preferably gray, simple pants gray, beige, brown or black (for 30 years the Lieutenant was drifting a lot), black, very coarse shoes, and… so-so-so fucking antiquated, out of fashion 70 years, beige coat, rumpled like a leaf with a failed sketch crumpled in a fit of anger. This method implies sloppiness, but if you really look like running — just like Columbo.

But practical: the shoes do not mind dirty, tie and shirt lend a seriousness, and a raincoat protects from the rain. Colombo’s not stupid — no wonder the mysterious Mrs. Columbo for so many years have suffered. And this method gives the carrier of the charm, the right to smoke a cigar, and calmly the right to delve into someone else’s property and search for evidence. Just a pity that he won’t give you that natural charisma which the character is so loved.

John Constantine


And yet no one looked in classic clothing as cool and brutal as John Constantine. We will not take into account the TV series and comics, take the movie version where unlike the original occultist played by Keanu Reeves. Another hero in a beige raincoat of a detective is too, besides Keanu looked brighter. This film reminded everyone that the tie is not an attribute of a nerd and banker, and a very stylish accessory. Along the way, heroically jump and tired wrestler from hell, Satan has encouraged many to go in the stall for «Marlboro».

Constantine not dandy and not a mod. Let this shirt for 200 bucks, but it is not from the latest collection. This timeless classic: classic pants, classic shoes, white shirt, black tie and a short coat classic cut wide open. It can be taken for realtor, agent, funeral services, over the manifold, but the outfit is understated, because of the demons it is better not to soak in lighter clothes.

And don’t forget to unbutton the top button of the shirt and dip the tie — this will give coolness. And the universal classic, which can and to cast out demons, and to fight the tax, that by and large the same.

Lorne Malvo


The role of Lorne Malvo in «Fargo,» without a doubt, can be called one of the best in his career, Billy Bob Thornton. A sociopath, an adventurer and murderer, Malvo, despite the terrible cold that prevails in the small town of Bemidji, always looks flawless. Even though a silly hairstyle, he shared not with the sons of Taras Bulba, not with the singer of «the Gully».

As Malvo have to work in winter conditions and deep snow, the image of Constantine and Colombo will never fit him — he professes layering, for it has long been known that the more layers you clothes, the you warmer.

In this manner, it is desirable to avoid strong variation of colors. It is best to use proven options — different shades of blue and gray. For example, his famous gray plaid coat looked good against the black cardigan, trousers and black high boots. And his black coat looked good on the grey shirt, grey cardigan, swamp-green pants and high boots. Most importantly, wear insulated coat with a high, warm collar, not to sabbeth for the sake of style. In fact scarves the character doesn’t wear, and to keep the body warm is necessary, as hands. This requires gloves as any decent killer.

By the way, the hero’s Thornton is quite practical: he dresses for the weather, quietly, softly, and not trying to rush into the eye, because the killer, that blood does not stand out against clothing. He manages to be stylish (if not look at the hair). Don’t just wear suede shoes, this variant is definitely not for our winter.

Phil Connors


The role of the narcissistic and arrogant Phil Connors in «Groundhog Day» only reinforced the people’s love for bill Murray did the cinema is impossible without his skeptical face.

As I had to Wake up the Groundhog on 2 February, in Pennsylvania (and it’s cold: the climate is temperate continental, with hot and humid summers and fairly cool winters), then you need to dress up was very decent. And when you consider that the character Murray worked in television, you had to look even and beautiful.

So the top floated gray-green velour coat warm as a sailor’s overcoat. On the throat — a long, warm beige scarf (not short as in Sherlock), and at the bottom is a classic suit of any color: the Murray was whether black, brown. The main thing that the shirt was the collar with the narrow end, like «batten down» or «Kent», tall and narrow, in the 80’s only ever wore them. And since fashion is cyclical, then you have a chance to wait for that blessed day when they will again be relevant. But classics can be sent to hell, and when it gets warmer, wear only a white t-shirt. It would be very nice, although this type and recalls the drunks.

In General, it is the image of a business man who manages to look respectable and feel comfortable.

That Cape coat is one problem — they are absolutely impossible to clean at home. Washable they can be neither in the machine nor by hand. The Internet offers many ways pseudodiamesa cleaning outerwear from all mortal and dirty, but to spoil so the thing is easier than to clean. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to give your precious clothes in the hands of professionals — for example, in dry cleaning «Fallin» where’s your good coat will bring you round and make you Shine like new.

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