Dress the stereotypical music lover

Govnar is not just a normal guy, but a way of life. It is a philosophy, reeking with sweat, «Ochakovsky» beer and Russian rock music. If you want to be as cool as these nice guys that live in every city of our vast country, take in the philosophy of Howarth, learn music, lifestyle and, of course, learn to dress with taste.

Leather jackets


Bought at flea markets Turkish pseudococci of rare wild animal, referred to as the «sh…», sorry, «faux leather». However, the real govnar, having worked 3 shifts for the machine or pissed away all summer on a construction site, with a proud smug is to buy a true leather biker jacket for 15-20 T. G. the Main thing is to remember to look classy, elegant gounares, leather jackets should be a couple of sizes bigger.



Black as Norwegian grandfather-metal t-shirt. With years of washing and turning gray, which makes it rather drab. T-shirt prints with your favorite band, wolves or even Che Guevara. Not necessarily know who is what famous and what he did, the main thing that is beautiful. A sign of labor-govnarya t – shirt tucked into jeans. Still trushnee to refuse the shirt in the wash, so that it looks natural smell of the flesh and completely merged with the host. As you know, natural is always better. As a rule, favorite t-shirt begins to strip off print visible flakes of dandruff and other delights.

As long as it is not very snug, you’re not a bugger to fix!


Hi-Tec V-Lite Altitude Ultra Luxe WPi

Elegant, shiny, solid govnodav! Such must be uncomfortable to run. Sometimes used graceful option. Govnar – man, susceptible to the beautiful. He appreciates the elegance and style, so classic dress shoes.

Sometimes used classic black and white sneakers. Cheap and cheerful, like Cobain, but not «Chucks». Because it’s majorski. Here, the normal sneakers. Take!



Stretched, worn with stretch marks as the belly of a pregnant woman, but trusty and reliable bag that can withstand the burden of two-liter flasks from «BagBier», bricks and other heresies. Yes, the bags of books are not. As a rule, represents the usual rag bag which hangs bright face, Konstantin Kinchev, Viktor Tsoi or even Egorka.

As a rule, istykanny icons, whose number may exceed the number of days that our hero didn’t wash my hair. Some are just screwed in the screws. Why? Because he is a warrior of metal.




Rag or plastic (under the skin) «bracelets» that you wear on your wrist. Typically fatal colors, but mostly black. They also have a sign with the name of some groups as, for example, «Aria», «Gaza strip» and the like, or some symbol like «anarchy.» It is worth noting that sometimes the wristbands are not shitbags. For example, tennis players.



Worth mentioning is also loved by many Golnaraghi scarf. However, definitely be called a scarf Sovnarkom attribute can, for carry it all – from fans to hipsters. However, if on the scarf says «cinema», it is a very hints.



Warm, black as your thoughts, hoodie with print of your favorite team, – one that protects govnarya in the cold season. Yes, in spite of his rudeness, they are people too, they are too cold. One sweatshirt should be enough for a wardrobe gunnarskog dandy. It can be worn on the street, it is possible to go to the theatre and feel comfortable during the next slam.



Bush has long been a hallmark of any self-respecting govnarya is the main stereotype, which over the years only became stronger. Is that long-haired boy. Who is he? Govnar! He yesterday, «Change» sang at my window! And it was just a student at the Conservatory, and the violinist. Sorry.

Do not have to have hair like Aragorn, or the ponytail, like that guy on «the Pskov porn». A little hair is also an attribute. The less they see the comb, the better. Some prefer a fringe, for which he received offensive in some quarters the nickname of «calcare». As for the Mohawk, that is another level of existence. There are legends about the magic goneski «varnish» of vomit and beer, allowing you to stand the tuft like the soldier near the Kremlin. However, it is rather a myth.



Baklawa for govnarya – more than a attribute. This is the philosophy and purpose of life for each day. «Ochakov» or «Zhiguli» – the marginal, the better. Should be worn in the hand, without shame, like it’s a cane of a gentleman. Only functions it more: first, it gives joy, and secondly, makes you more brutal.



As shitbags personality spiritual and sensitive to the arts of Orpheus, the guitar is a necessary attribute. That it is the connecting link between the music that brings them together, and their delicate emotional world. No matter what – Batina or cheap Hohner guitar Balashikha furniture factory. As long as she was well, more or less configured.

The company did not all need to be able to play. There is one guy who knows something on the level of «Calm» and knows the chords of other songs. The first guy in the village that performs the function of a tape recorder. There is another, which a friend taught me how to play «cigarettes», but he does not play, and others who with a wise look enjoy heard.

While some dream to assemble his own band with a warm tube sound, bass, guitar, drums and vocals to classics, and play normal songs like «keisha»,»DDT», «the Grave» and other talented teams. And damn, that guitar always upset that it is not sound, and text. Moreover, there are certainly a lonely poet from the party that agrees to write lyrics.



But the pants are not all clear. The reference would be wide, not tightening movement, worn, unwashed jeans, in perfect harmony with classic shoes. On all occasions. Ideally keep the temperature and protect from the attacks of domestic animals. However, more and more Gulnara were seen in the passion for uscaca, though, to put it mildly, and not Orthodox. The Orthodox wear the exotic look of leather pants a La «Jim Morrison», but that’s another level of being a «fashion feat» able to not all.



Bandana is a helmet govnarya. His carapace. That protects it from contact with fresh air, rain, and sometimes common sense. As long as it was bright and even across the Chukchi pensioner realized that this character loves the group «metal Corrosion».



Any vegetation – from guns to pseudoline – makes its possessor more Mature, more brutal and more serious. If you have a beard – praise be to thee, praise! If no beard, the fuzz will come down.

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