Dress like Charlie Harper

All of us at some point have nothing to wear. What we do in this situation? Of course, go shopping. Some are looking for themselves in the images of favorite characters from TV shows and movies to try on the clothes of their favorite characters of TV series and various films. Which, for example, mad fashion plaid shirts went after Dean Winchester from the TV series «Supernatural» appeared to be in his crazy adventures with his brother. Let’s remember some iconic characters of movies and TV shows from which you can copy the image. And along the way try to make. Maybe you have your options, write in the comments.

Dean Winchester, Supernatural

manygoodtips.com_12.08.2016_0jumUleDXhneILet’s start with the very first and probably the most famous character in the shirt (and he has many) is Dean Winchester from the TV series «Supernatural». Why Dean and his brother Sam? To be honest, Dean is much known in the Internet and are featured in numerous memes and videos more often, so he and hearing.

The image of a Dina created mainly plaid shirts of different colors. These shirts are suitable for any occasion. In the series it can be seen in a shirt and at a dinner party and battle with otherworldly forces. Indeed, this style of shirt can be worn with heels and with sneakers. Worse, she won’t. In one of his most famous memes Dean just wearing a red plaid shirt, so in memory he’s stuck in this way.

Raoul Duke Fear and loathing in Las Vegas

manygoodtips.com_12.08.2016_tphgp1MjdAcs8You cannot ignore the cult, in every sense, the character Raoul Duke from the famous movie «Fear and loathing in Las Vegas». In General Hawaiian theme shirts iconic characters is quite common. We long chose between Chip, Tommy Vercetti, actually Wild. Still, johnny Depp took the lead and gave no chances to take a Hawaiian theme to someone else. In Russia, of course, to meet a guy in a Hawaiian shirt on the street is difficult, but resorts in the height of summer is easy. Hawaiian it is called for a very simple reason — it appeared, oddly enough, in Hawaii, and currently, these shirts are the main exports of Hawaii textile industry.

Usually these shirts are short sleeve, so it was not so hot in the scorching sun and bright coloring, this is historically. But back to the character Raul’s dick. Despite its narcotic tendency he knows a lot about style, and perhaps it was impossible to imagine it in a different way in this film. At the wedding of a friend, of course, in this form I will not go, but to go to the beach, sitting in an old convertible.

Charlie Harper, Two and a half men

Porada.kom.ua_12.08.2016_ajFC16aA8wuNEFans of endless sitcoms with a laugh track to explain who is Charlie from the TV series «Two and a half men» don’t. They just watched at least a couple of seasons. To call the shirt the main character stylish may be a stretch, but he has his own particular way, unlike any other. Almost every episode is a new problem Charlie, where he’s changing his shirt like a glove (and friends too). His bachelor image does not goes well with the style of his friend and brother Alan who runs from opposite family adversity and finds refuge in the house with the main character. Charlie’s shirt is always fixed, and he prefers shirts with short sleeves. About the fitted style of speech and is not. Apparently it hides the not so athletic shirt. However, will not reproach him for it. It’s his style, and he successfully promotes his ten seasons. And most importantly, all the many friends Charlie his appearance, strangely enough, like. If you also prefer such kind of clothing, you can try to copy it from Charlie Harper.

Tony Montana, Scarface

manygoodtips.com_12.08.2016_SXd5GjvUdr0gHWho among us doesn’t know Tony Montana? The guy that sits in a mountain of coke with his trunk and owns the world. All wanted and want to be like him. Of course, this is just the cinematic image and to take his example is difficult. I think that none of us will be a real mobster like Tony Montana, but to try to be like him and copy his style quite possible. He knows a lot about clothes. Of course, all in my head, just POPs up a moment of the film, where the hero mercilessly beats down his weapon, dressed in an expensive suit, but we still pay attention to the shirt Tony. In one scene, he appears in a fitted black shirt, which at the time seemed a bit strange, but at the same time really cool. In the years when the film received resounding fame, to get that it was quite difficult, if at all. Now we can easily find this shirt and represent yourself as the hero of the film «Scarface». Don’t forget only a couple of pounds of flour and a cigar!

Thomas Shelby, peaky blinders

manygoodtips.com_12.08.2016_llXjDlymxd7e4Birmingham 20-ies. Members of the gang peaky blinders returning from war. Brothers Shelby create the backbone of the gang, despite the fact that big brother is Arthur Shelby, all Affairs directs Thomas. It identifies the same style of 20-ies. Neat shirt, which is under a tailored vest, and a top Packed in the jacket. The main difference between shirt Thomas Shelby has a neat rounded edges of the collar. As such, he appears most often in the series. The atmosphere is certainly created and. I guess nobody would like to be at that time in the way of Shelby’s brothers, but as for style, this all right here. To find such shirt with rounded edge collar is quite difficult, but to create it yourself and a little bit to be more like Thomas Shelby from «the blinders» should be technically feasible.


All these images we were able to do here. If you want to create your own style, here it is quite possible to implement. Maybe you will offer a new hero, whom we have forgotten, or maybe delight in a totally unique way. Here, by the way, you can create not only shirts, but also women, and even Polo shirts. So to the imagination is very large. Personality is always attractive, believe me!


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