Drank? Time for a trip to Paris!


This guy is now my hero, seriously! Luke Harding had a night he will never forget. Of course, I doubt he remembered it completely. 19-year-old worker Luke Harding drank during the evening and night in several pubs in Manchester. It was fun, fun, but enough’s enough. At 4 a.m., Luke began to gather home. Nobody knows what happened in his head, but he accidentally found in his pocket a passport. Usually whenever we find in his pocket a passport, we want to do something. Harding decided to make a trip to Paris.

Using a special app on the phone, our hero buys the cheapest ticket in the city of dreams at 6 am for 161 euros. Flying in oblivion 800 miles, a man quietly went through customs, and woke up in the toilet at the airport of Charles de Gaulle.

Realizing his plight (and the dude had no money for a return ticket), Luke called his mother asking to send money and to meet him at the airport at 8 PM. Eight hours the man spent anywhere. Walked around the monuments and eating scones.

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