Drank and fell: 3 cocktail is not for wimps

None of us appreciates friends the amount of alcohol consumed or by way of consumption of strong drinks. The law is not allowed to drink vodka clean, juice or no drink. On the other hand, in life there are always moments when I want to not only drink wine or beer with friends during a match. Sometimes, a person needs to pour into something that will carry him to another planet, will open the gates to another dimension, forced to dance to the sounds of prehistoric drums. These are the recipes we have collected, but be careful — these cocktails are not for wimps.

1. Death in the afternoon

manygoodtips.com_19.08.2016_nWFXqdsSLiemQA classic cocktail which was invented by Ernest Hemingway — a man drinks, drinks a lot, but in the meantime, manly and heroic. The components of this drink is simple to a disgrace: absinthe and champagne. All! Nothing more.

Pour a SIP of absinthe in a champagne glass. Add iced champagne until the drink as necessary turbid.

– Ernest Hemingway –Ingredients:

— 45 ml of absinthe;

— 140 ml of chilled champagne (Brut);

a glass flute.


1. In a glass flute pour «a SIP of absinthe» in the amount of 45 ml

2. Pour absinthe with champagne.

3. Drink slowly and after noon.

2. Nikolashka

manygoodtips.com_19.08.2016_xwlI0WTZWJM09They say that this cocktail originated at the Russian Imperial court, where «nikolashka» called a certain appetizer to cognac. Snack was a slice of lemon, covered in black caviar and sugar. As the years passed, the Empire collapsed, the Soviet Union collapsed, but «nikolashka» has evolved from a snack into a simple, but very drunk cocktail.


— a double shot of vodka;

— coffee (espresso powder);

— lemon;

— sugar.


1. Cocktail make straight in the mouth. And we start with the lemon — put it into language.

2. Lemon sprinkle with a little sugar and coffee (ever had to do in the beginning, stupid).

3. Pour one shot of vodka and start to chew the mixture.

4. Once the mixture is in the stomach, drink the second glass of vodka.

Interesting: «Nikolashka» — a fairly strong way of drinking vodka. Caffeine and vitamin C From the lemon, increases blood circulation in the body, which in turn allows you to transfer alcoholic explosion in the brain the fastest way.

3. Sazerac

manygoodtips.com_19.08.2016_05cgwauBNnbFLThe Sazerac is a versatile cocktail that everyone should know the bartender. His story begins in New Orleans sample XIX, it is inextricably linked to special bitter, which was created by local Apothecary Antoine Amadeus, Paso. Bitter called Peychaud»s (expensive, but quite affordable). To prepare this cocktail should be with the soul, using high-quality cognac, but the taste and strength will pay for all expenses.


— 50 ml of good cognac;

— dash of bitters Peychaud’s;

20 ml of absinthe;

— crushed ice;

— zest of a lemon;

— a few pieces of sugar.

Dash is 4-5 drops.


1. In a pre-chilled Martini glass (it is better to use rocks) put a little crushed ice and pour absinthe.

2. Put sugar on the bottom of another glass, add bitters and rubs a spoon of sugar or bar pestle.

3. Add some more ice and cognac. Stir.

4. Now pour our brandy with bitters from ordinary glass in the glass rocks, where we expect absinthe.

5. Squeeze lemon peel and drop it in the glass.

6. Enjoy the creation of their works.

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