Dozens of English TV shows selected

manygoodtips.com_15.10.2014_ABCBczjDBs4BcPerhaps you are busy watching the new season of «the Big Bang Theory» or other interesting of the series, but leave a minute of your time to familiarize yourself with what offers us incomprehensible and mysterious, stiff, and crazy, elegant and absurd England.

1. Show a bit of fry and Laurie (1987-1995)

manygoodtips.com_15.10.2014_hoSxVcW6RJ6V7This show began filming shortly before the famous «Jeeves and Wooster» with the same cast. Stephen fry and Hugh Laurie met at Cambridge in the early 1980s. Two completely opposite personalities with diametrically different characters and fates, which all have one thing in common – an absolute talent and desire for the implementation of the craziest creative ideas.

Stephen fry received the glory and honor as a playwright and writer. And, of course, actor. He is the living embodiment of the English spirit to the reference and media impeccable English with a classical accent. In England, even published a book «Speak like Stephen fry». Multiple single-phlegmatic faced full of life and enthusiasm Hugh, which they say that he is one of those who have the light on your feet. Lori, being a great musician, completely dissolved in an acting career and was honored with many awards. Such a stunning Duo left his descendants a magnificent specimen of the quintessence of fine English humor, which, if you taste, will bring a lot of pleasure – real intellectual orgasm.

2. Mr. Bean (1990-1995)

manygoodtips.com_15.10.2014_nPgvrowA1nWDxWithout Mr. England is not England. This character could very organic look on the cover of any textbook in the English language next to big Ben and double-Decker red bus. Mr. Bean is a laconic character gets into various domestic squabbles, which he brings each episode to the absolute absurd. Funny, nervous, ridiculous and pointless, and oddly, his stupidity doesn’t cause irritation, but rather a curiosity: that again will kick this limey one with the funny ears and unchanged tweed jacket?

Atkinson said of his character: «He is a very timid and insecure, and therefore universal. On the other hand, it is a specifically English temperament. He is a child, only in the wrong body. Children of the master of shifts and changes, and Mr. Bean is also very active when he doesn’t like something, he wants it to change. Within these limits it can even be called a brave man.» Altogether 14 half-hour episodes and two feature films.

3. Flying circus Monty Python (1969-1974)

manygoodtips.com_15.10.2014_d2Zl673k4ITDQSeries based of the comic group «Monty Python». The circus is a very striking feature for all the surreal scenes when the acting is interrupted by a hand drawn animation, making thus the emphasis in the right place, even more intriguing and enticing the viewer. For a «Flying circus» was characterized by frequent performance of the members of the troupe of female roles, the use of stories right in the midst of the main line and a series regular characters on the show, which in England has long been considered a cult classic.

4. Downton Abbey (2010-… )

manygoodtips.com_15.10.2014_eHgmNBojUrWZlThis show is perfectly recreated and passed on almost a physical level atmosphere of life in England, early XX century. Incredible scenery, gorgeous costumes, treacherous intrigues, the crimes spilled litres of blue blood, a traditional English scope and spirit of the Supreme secular society, which variously refers to the technological progress and the emancipation of women, a simple servant who suffer from incontinence and arrogance of the gentlemen – all you’ll find in this series, watching which it is possible to spend a few evenings in the company of your girls (in case we don’t find something else).

5. Pure English murder (1997-… )

manygoodtips.com_15.10.2014_OkQ5wS7rxftfNDetective series, which stretched as much as 15 seasons, and deservedly so, because he has enjoyed great success and popularity with audiences and has quite a high rating. The plot unfolds against the backdrop of a British backwater in the fictional County of Midsomer, where is always someone to strangle, kill, slaughter and Rob. In General, it’s quite a place. But what can you do – the genre requires. Each character has a few skeletons in the closet, the plot is intricate and tasteful. «Purely English murder» can be safely put on a par with «Poirot Agatha Christie» and «Miss Marple».

6. Bookstore Black (2000-2004) series is named after a small bookshop Black Books, is the intellectual heart of London — Bloomsbury. The shop owner Bernard black is a hot – tempered Irishman who hates all living things, but are very respectful of spirits. He’s one of those who started the fashion for eccentric sociopaths and misanthropes on TV. It is not clear, however, which means he lives, as it discourages the buyers with bullying and running the kind of store that works in those hours when his owner stops to suffer from a hard hangover.

7. Doctor Who (2005-… )

Poradi.s.ua_15.10.2014_FM3V0ffBpgtIxAnother indispensable part of the modern history of British TV culture. The series was introduced in the Guinness Book of records as the most long-lived sci-Fi series, and it tells about the life of a stranger who travels through time, saving worlds and civilizations, or just having fun so nothing better to do. If you’re not a «spectator» like the show, you will be mumbling and to discover that everything that happens is full of innuendo, seasoned with the invariable sauce of the specific English humor, but if you like this series then you will easily join the ranks of ardent fans and will stick at the screen for many hours as we do at the time.

8. The Dregs/Bad (2009-2013) this series you could write a doctoral thesis on the choicest and strong to the Mat. A great number of terrible vulgar, but no less funny jokes. The colorful characters who have abilities that hit on their head with the storm, spend hours on community service, part-time working part-time as superheroes. The scum gave us a lot of epic quotes and no less epic episodes.

9.The hour (2011-2012) series tells about how it was hard work for journalists on channel bi-Bi-si in 1956. There is a lot of interesting and noteworthy: an intriguing spy line, career relations, politics, scandals and dirt. This series is a tribute to the profession of journalism with a capital letter.

10. Sherlock (2010-…)

manygoodtips.com_15.10.2014_v7yfCgN9ONubpNo, but what?.. Of course! This guy with the unpronounceable name and Baggins. Of course, you saw this show. And if you have not seen you about him all ears buzz, what are you still more confirmed in their determination never to look. The plot is simple: an old Sherlock in modern living conditions, helps with faithful Watson and palaces of memory to reveal Scotland Yard with criminal cases and criminal plans of the villains.

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