Douglas Adams’s «42,» «And don’t forget the towels»


Many of the famous «ultimate question of Life, the Universe and everything», many well-known and the answer is «42». Only now many of these people, strangely, have no idea where it all came from. They think it’s a new meme appeared on the Internet. It is really a meme, only now it appeared much earlier. And it was so.

Young Brit named Douglas Adams decided before entering College to go hitchhiking to Istanbul: the world to see and be seen. But the story ended in complete fail: a dude caught Turkish authorities expelled from the country. Well, at least not planted! Many years later, when Adams wrote the script for the new fantastic radio show, he remembered this story.

Many educated people already understood that we are talking about the series of novels «a Guide for traveling through the Galaxy hitchhiker» or «The hitchhiker»s guide to the galaxy». It all started as a radio show. This was the first successful non-traditional extravaganza, which had quite a few traditional fantastic elements. 8 March 1978 came the first part of this story. She immediately got many fans. The management of the radio station was in complete shock: they had no idea that this show could become popular. «Half an hour of word games and philosophical jokes about the meaning of life and the fish in the ears» — so they said on the show. And they were right. The fact that the leadership of the fiction was absolutely primitive genre, with car chases, shuttles, grey men and the blasters, the bureaucrats had no idea that fiction is another. A «Guide…» was just another fiction.


Non-fans of the Blaster-shmasterov show remembered that was a superb satire on the reality with great British humor inspired by «Monty Python». In addition, nowhere took on human nature at the time in fiction, it was thought that mankind and the essence if not the pinnacle of intelligent life forms, somewhere near that. Adams and Stanislaw LEM, claimed the opposite: there can be a civilization that believes that the pinnacle of progress is an electronic wrist watch, to take place among the representatives of the progressive races. And this is all especially memorable.

In 1979 he published the first novel of the series. The book was just a great success. First, the book can be disassembled into quotations, there was a sea of the original, corrosive, meaningless, and have a deep sense of the phrase. The plot in the books were, but, by God, many have read the novel will not be able to reproduce it in details: he is extremely confused. But absolutely anyone reading the book can easily answer the «Main question» — well, remember a few quotes.


In fact, where the «42»? Fans of the series will remember the episode with warmth and pleasure, and he beginners make sure to read the book (shame on you, dude, we’re scattered pretty words, go download or buy a book and read it!). Some ancient, intelligent, progressive, but the passion is what the lazy race decided that they blood from a nose it is necessary to answer the main question. What’s the question? Well, of course, the most important! Everyone knows him, huh, dude? For this purpose they built a supercomputer, which gave the answer. Say, it was a very lazy race! When the computer was ready, the best of the best put the «Main question» to which the computer replied that he needs 9 million years to find the answer. After this period, the delegation of wise men again asked the computer. Dudes were full of longing and were confident that their moral problems are over now and for ever. But there it was! The computer gave the answer: «42». If you think this is nonsense and heresy, then we for you can explain. The fact that the ancient progressive race not only did not know the answers but did not understand what was put completely the wrong question. And all this time thought the computer? Don’t know, but we know exactly what he listed.


The story of an ordinary Englishman Arthur dent is the story of the last man from Earth. Although not the last… But it’s well worth your attention, dude.

After the «Guide…» was released books such as «Restaurant on the edge of the Universe», «Life, the universe and everything» and «All the best and thanks for all the fish!». Had a couple of books, but here in 2001, Adams died of a heart attack, so most of his fans believe that the cycle did not finish. Well, not a deal breaker, I can tell you with certainty that it was all over. Absolutely everything!

Douglas Adams


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