Doug Stanhope: a kick in the head from the controversial comedian USA Stanhope is probably the most disgusting comic for every champion of morality and traditional values. However, the man always speaks the truth, hits hard, painful areas of our stale society. Of course, in his Spello we are seeing is that the American flavor, but his thoughts are big enough to move them on our Russian soil. Perhaps Stanhope had not yet starred in any blockbuster movie or popular sitcom, like many of his fellow comedians, but he is, in our opinion, is the most prominent representative of the independent Comedy the whole English speaking world. Cynicism and black humor, as well as the social component found in Stanhope big fan of bill Hicks, another iconic comedian who made a Comedy of great importance. But Hicks is no more, and his place was taken by Stanhope. The new world gave mankind new challenges, and a substantial response to them, you can always find Doug Stanhope. Anyway, here’s his most decent statements, dude.

About life after death

If you really believe that after the death of endless bliss, then why wear a seat belt?One may beat his chest, proving his position about anything that would exclude simple human materialism, but in the end you will always go to the doctor, not a fortune-teller, when you pick up a serious virus that threatened to wipe you in powder.

About beauty

Here peasant, like us, the majority suffer, because they are afraid that if we added a little more effort, we would become beautiful. «If you whiten your teeth, I was a nothing, right? If I went to the gym and done 1000 sit-UPS on press day, then they’d give me.

If I had taken finasteride and regained a little bit of hair, it would not be so bad, right?» Hardly the elephant Man spent hours in front of the mirror, thinking, «don’t be this one huge hill, overhanging the eyes, maybe I wouldn’t spit people in the bus? It would be cool».Be ugly by Stanhope not so bad as it seems at first glance. Problems with appearance are in the majority, although earlier people soared clearly less. But now it has become almost the main factor when Dating. All these guides on how to dress, how to look, how to talk (Yes, we do write them). Without it now does, if you want to be successful but you can do if you want to stay just a man. Anyway, relax about all this we need much less than you do now. And when you have overcome your first few relationships, you see this also on friends.


Obama however – for the right to abortion, and if they do not, then I wouldn’t have this amount, which I threw in the optional project extension.

If not for the abortion, all the money on the terrace would have gone some ***** stupid dental braces or her***** scholarship. And later, perhaps, to pay for her abortion.

Don’t have kids, you may be able to drink in Norway.There are threads that are too sharp, to talk about them sensibly. Abortion is one of them. Even our friends who have done several abortions for a few years, and are reluctant to share their feelings about this. All because of that terrible pressure that society has on these people. God knows, maybe you are an ardent opponent of abortion and convince myself that I would never have allowed his girlfriend to have an abortion. But, hell, don’t you need an awesome addition to the house? We can’t understand you.

About the world

In 20 years that I spent in Comedy, I had a dozen strong ideas, but the process of changing the world didn’t start. My hypothetical revolution, when I thought I’m going to yell at the bar on two people and change the world, did not happen. But happened to Egypt and Syria…unfortunately, there’s not much we can change. So, maybe nothing should change? To live for his pleasure, to enjoy sex, good food and drink. Hedonism is not so bad. Why war with windmills? Although there Doug disingenuous, because it still is like that one guy who’s fighting this war. However, not for the result (it is in fact unattainable), but for the sake of process.

About education each mass shooting at the school one of the parents will necessarily share his version of the causes of the incident. «Violence in the media, that’s the problem. Parents with children don’t talk very much, that’s the problem. Rap, that’s the problem. The lack of guards in the school, that’s the problem.» No, the problem is that most of your children, you, and you with it do nothing.The media often shows all of these situations, which are to blame anyone, but not children and their parents. We see new attempts to protect children from harmful information», when the most harmless that they can get in your life, this shit is the parents. So think about abortion, if you are not confident in their pedagogical skills. Otherwise your child will forbid some very cool site or some cool movie. Or you could blame all the problems of the degradation of modern culture or something.

About death

Life is like a good sitcom that lasts for many seasons and then have nothing else to do, no ideas, and they introduce some alien or adopted child, and then removed from the air and you think: thank God, everything ended.Fair enough, because often I see people absolutely not afraid to die. People get tired of life, especially if it will fade away, and you’re not a millionaire who can afford to Orgy on a yacht somewhere in the Atlantic ocean. Although good opportunities will still be full.

About the perfect girl

I have the perfect girl, serious. Awesome, all perfect. She is beautiful, shapely, does not drink and does not smoke, does not touch drugs, loves kids, recycles, volunteers. If you meet the perfect person, run so fast that flames out of your ass flamed! All they do is multiply your imperfections thousands of times, exposing you to much more horrible shit.Familiar to your story? For us, Yes. On the other hand, when you meet the perfect friend you can finally understand how much you have shortcomings, and somehow try to fix them. But you will be if you lose all your flaws? Or it will be another man who lost himself, became more artificial? This is a difficult question that can never find the answer.

Regarding army

If you want to kill someone – for this is the place. Go to the army. While people who want to kill other people, kill people who also want to kill other people, die all the unnecessary people, and exempt the best places in the Parking lot..after All, the army required. Especially in a country full of angry people. They need at least to blow off steam, and as a maximum not to disturb other people live their lives. The system is well established but imperfect. Already had a lot of votes concerning full transition to contract-based, but that is unlikely in our lifetime. However, with the army no one has any problems now arise. The current dude is actually there on their own.

And, finally, freedom

This is not a free country. You were born free… I mean, you’re born absolutely free except laws of nature. If you drink – get drunk – that’s the law. Grow old and die – a law, too. Sit on the nail will bleed out of your ass. Only these laws apply to you since you were born. And any state deprive you of this freedom.Live in accordance with these laws, man. And stay with a clear conscience. A hardened libertarian will not tell you nonsense, when it comes to relations to society. Although you certainly have the right to choose who you listen to and whom not.

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