Donuts with bacon


Homer Simpson is the main connoisseur of donuts and other tasty fast food categorically stated that tasteless donuts does not happen. And who are we to argue with the opinion of this iconic character, who has all the questions of life have answers and solutions? We already had a simple recipe for the doughnut Burger, but I agree, a recipe is too darn small! Today we will correct this error and prepare a doughnut that wanted to sneeze on your level of cholesterol in the blood and a little saggy after the Christmas holidays the stomach.


8 strips of bacon;

1/4 Cup of sugar;

2 tablespoons maple syrup;

vegetable oil for frying – a lot;

1 tablespoon milk;

2 tablespoons maple syrup;

2 cups of powdered sugar.

The basis of the donut:

It all depends on your desire to bother or to prepare. There are several options that you can use to pochenkova basis.

1. To prepare the dough yourself. The recipe can be found here.

2. Or buy ready-made dough at the store.

3. Ready to buy doughnuts but with no filling will remain to cook it yourself.

4. To buy a regular soft round buns of small size, cut them in half to make them symmetrical holes and lubricate the maple syrup so they are «glued together.

In General, it is understood, now went to the kitchen to create another culinary masterpiece.


1. Cook bacon

Mix maple syrup with sugar, put on the brass grate slices of bacon, and gently and generously put them into the mixture. Place strips of bacon in a cold oven and bake at 180 degrees for about 20 minutes. Watch for their appearance. Bacon will absorb the sugar and syrup Scaramella, and you get flavorful, tasty, tender and rosy thing. Just don’t eat it separately, without donuts.

2. Do a donut

As we have already mentioned, you can cut a normal bread…


…or to prepare the dough yourself.


Can’t even cut a hole in the middle and just roll out the crust, if you’re so lazy.


In any case, you will need to place between them the desired amount of finely chopped bacon. But don’t put all: you have to leave some for dusting.

3. Roasting

Check to make sure your prefabricated were linked together the edges of the dough or bread. Latest can clip a small amount of maple syrup. Add sunflower oil in a deep pan (it should be hot) and start to fry the doughnuts for three, maximum five minutes.


4. Finishing touch

I hope you get a Golden-brown crisp doughnuts, now you can decorate with finely chopped bacon. Mix maple syrup, milk and powdered sugar and put on top of donuts. You only have to sprinkle the resulting glaze glazed candied bacon.

Bon appétit, dude!

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