Don’t worry, dude: send the stress in the knockout

how to beat stress

Life as a movie full of UPS and downs, valleys and mountains. Some points define the action: the protagonist solves a serious problem, gets the girl and happily moving forward. Other scenes filled with stress and obstacles, because of whom the hero is literally on the brink. In these moments you need to calm your nerves, relieve tension, to divert attention and to truly relax. How to do it? Here are a few ideas.


Most people believe that constant stream of consciousness is natural. Thoughts succeed one another, and one trouble comes after another. As soon as you solve one problem, time to move on to the next. This is usually a giant list of problems that no one will ever have to decide. «I twice stepped on the same rake?» «Why time flies so fast?» «I’m too old for such a narrow pants?»

Our news feed is constantly updated with new and new cause stress issues to ourselves, we have little Hobbies to constructively allocate time to overcome excitement, and as a result we find ourselves surrounded by a wall of negativity and disappointments, which do not correspond to the truth of truths, which we have discovered and also real problems — and as a result we have no time for anything. So, perhaps it is already too late to wear tight pants, but wear time you like.

Remember thoughts are

In our crowded minds the flashes of clarity occur not at every moment. Within us, in our hearts, the cities, the traffic is congested, the sidewalks are littered with dog shit and fell the buildings sometimes block the passages to the desired paths. Therefore, your best thoughts need to perpetuate, to record on paper, on a napkin or even on his hand. Moments of clarity like the inspiration: when they pass, we can only sporadically remember what I was thinking at that moment, and the translation of these thoughts is similar to a lame translation with a barely familiar language. Carry a notebook and pen, and every time they will remind you how smart you once were, anticipating this very moment.

Even if the next morning you Wake up, reread and think, «Oh, my God, who wrote it, the complete idiot» — at least you tried.

Don’t worry for little reason or for large

You constantly hear around me, that life is too short, unpredictable and amazing to worry about every little thing. People say that we need to see how the card will fall: let the great events determine little, and as long as you handle it, all right. But why not give great things the freedom to be, how they want? Instead of actively looking for what you want, why not just give yourself a good to sail into your life? Of course, initiative and common sense from time to time needed, but you move a little further and take a look at the full picture, for missed opportunities is much better than to hide things under his nose and desire to get everything at once. You don’t know what you need, but this is easily remedied.

Find new music or do it himself

how to get rid of stress

Music is a powerful thing. She can stimulate in us the best idea and helps to deal with stress. All, of course, I love different music, but we perceive it about the same. It is difficult to find a person who does not react to any kind of music, it’s almost impossible, because music is a very broad concept. If your door knocking stress, keep your mind away from problems that can’t solve right now and immerse yourself in the harmony, especially good new music that can help you to open your eyes to a solution to an old problem.

Playing music is perhaps one of the best known ways to cure stress. When sounds combine in melody, and she pours and pours, then finally it brings you to a new shore, where everything is seen differently.


Sometimes that’s all you have, and it should not be ignored when it declares itself. Dive deep into yourself, and leave your head, and let the truth come out. Forget all the noise outside the window. You can be open to the world, but don’t give in to the deception that is created by the people around you. Every difficult decision involves the choice between something familiar and the unknown, not instant gratification, something important, so intuition is the best adviser, even when she’s telling you to do something unpleasant.

If you live in accord with their beliefs, you are honest, fearless, unlike the squeamish self-centered people who care about the only thing in this world is ourselves. You will not only in the music but in meditation it will return your thoughts in the right direction, in a more nourishing mental environment, will shed light on questions that seem too dark for human vision. Not meditiruet? Is peasant ways to organize thoughts.

Keep it simple

Instead of blaming yourself and your mind, keep it simple and you will have to solve much smaller problems. Don’t worry about the little things, just live and you will have less stress because you have to keep under control far fewer things, do much less work and meet for fewer obligations. People that live in lavish mansions, ride the boats, have dozens of women living much more difficult. Paleocene your life, understand that you don’t need, and focus on simplification.

When you feel the pressure on you becomes stronger, the space around you is shrinking, it is a sign that you need to hold in your head the cleaning. Every little thing affects you, increasing stress. Eliminate clutter and get rid of stress.

Call mom

If all else fails, there is a remedy: my mother’s advice. The woman who gave birth to you, poor sufferer, raised you, knows what’s best for you — and perhaps always will know it. Even if you think that he’s doing fine, she still knows best. You stomped her feet, screamed when she didn’t approve of your choice, claimed she’s difficult and lives in the past, we all did. But it will still support you in any situation. Her (possibly the only one in the world) can be trusted.

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