Don’t want to decide anything – I want to be 6-year-old girl!

Oh, well shit the world is going on! We do not brake, however, simply decided to consider this canadian man, before writing his opinion. The conclusion is, of course, disappointing! Our planet is definitely stuck in your river something outrageous and violent. Otherwise how to explain the events of recent years? It is time to think about conspiracies, or, at worst, that humanity has gone a strange path. So, probably, and I think conservative-minded citizens. But first, on the fact, for those who do not understand what we do.I can’t deny that I was married. I can’t deny that I have children. But now I really want to be a child, and my adoptive parents to me in this help. I left to be a child.

– Paul Wolsk aka Stephanie –There’s a guy. No, what he is a guy? There is such a healthy, adult 52-year-old man. He lives in Toronto, the largest city of Canada. Simply working as a mechanic, married to a beautiful (or not?) his wife brought up seven children, that is the life of this guy – a real dream of any patriot: house, big family, a man’s job in Canada, believe me, they pay pretty good. So, this man’s name is Paul Wolsk. This month his head was attacked by evil aliens, who told him: «Run, dude, run from this life!» He did so, and left the house – the juice – was 6-year-old girl named Stephanie. Of course, 6-year-old girl can not live alone, so she found my parents in the form of an elderly couple who became his foster family. That’s what the hell, take a normal person 23 years of family life!

Now Paul Wolsk dresses dresses, post their pictures to Twitter, enjoy the carefree life of a child. At the same time, perhaps, your foster parents repairing appliances (he’s a mechanic!) and pulls the furniture from place to place. Sick, at first glance, the picture gives food for thought. You always want to know the reasons for this sudden transformation.

Only 6 years old girl, and dresses like a whore!

– Anonymous from the Internet –

Of canadian media, we learn that the man wanted to be 6-year-old girl, surprisingly, just 6 years old. And to change into a ladies man was already in the family life, why his wife was clearly not happy. Then watch our media and see that each information resource is trying to give some moral evaluation of everything that is happening. Although the story is, actually, quite private. Could be private, if not he Volsk, which actively promotes it in various LGBT community. Well, hell knows, I think this 6-year-old girl would not care about fighting for the rights of transgender people, but Volsky does care about what we can observe, for example, in his Twitter.

Climb immediately to mind different thoughts. For example, it may not be all that bad with his identity? Perhaps, for the man is some kind of theatrical gesture, the opportunity to earn scandalous popularity? If so, then it turned out great. Now many of these trades, because the more people, the less opportunities to «go to the people.» A paradox, Yes. Or is it again to talk about infantilism? Men are shrinking, and even the most brutal of us sometimes think about a radical change of life views.

New challenges create new problems. Now, as you know, a well-fed world the problem is always in the head, and the hungry of the world in the old way – housing, safety and nutrition. And Russia seems to be somewhere in the middle. Satiety diminished, but to die of hunger, no one is going. Generally, in the world often bring up the topic of women, their rights and freedoms or, say, children. Well, what about the men? With them, all right? If you look at «Stephanie», it is not all as rosy as some people think. It’s probably your own boundaries that we impose on ourselves. The man made to endure, and stroke patient loves, loves patient and the explosion of the tower in the psychological sense. And if to take on trust the story of Paul Wolske, there is reason to fret.

In General, we wrote this text, not because we touched another trash-the story of this mad, mad world. We have long been accustomed to, and with our legislative initiatives, it all seems childish prattle. It is rather different: the men already took the habit to ruin their future, health and mental state, following the precepts of parents. Here it frightens us, because the history of canadian mechanic quite peaceful and fun thing, which, however, reflects the precarious state of masculinity in the modern world. And it’s not just in attitude, namely, psychological climate: everywhere the pressure, and to relax no one really knows. So learn to relax, learn to talk, learn to open, otherwise in the 52 years want to be a turtle or three-year-old cat, leave family, leave your job and begin to mark territory and wait for spring.

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