Don’t put off until tomorrow: when there is no sense to hope for another day

We are all slaves of procrastination — I’d be really surprised our grandfathers such a stupid problem! Nothing prevents us to do what we want right now, but we still prefer to stubbornly postpone important things for tomorrow, or at least give yourself another hour. In addition, this behavior exposes you as a weak-willed fool, it can ruin your life. All of your life. What matters is better not to postpone, regret later?

Unpleasant conversation

You anyway will have to start this conversation sooner or later. From the fact that you don’t get to it now, nothing significant changes, except, of course, your self-esteem, which is melting right in front of you. Bated in the shower hurt, you’re acting like passive-aggressive people, and such behavior is not worthy of respect. Eat shit for the soul — rush them to share, until it reached a critical mass. They missed the point of no return — and it will start to slam you into a fountain, coating not only the guilty but also innocent people, flooding all around ugly shit thread. But this could not be, if you just tell about their claims who need.

A trip to the doctor

This sin, perhaps, everything. It is difficult to imagine a person who goes to the hospital with the Essentials and solve their problems in working order on an annual survey. These perfect people exist only in the recommendations of doctors. Live dudes, on the contrary, to go in medical institution not in a hurry and otherwise postpone the visit until it gets worse. And for good reason. So you can grow yourself a dozen bothersome and difficult to treat diseases, which could have been easily avoided, you come to the doctor on time. Timely inspection helps to keep the mouth more teeth, don’t do the surgery and do not become feeble prematurely.


I don’t understand why people don’t travel. Still there are those who have never traveled outside of their region and who this fact absolutely no worries. They probably don’t even seriously thought about getting to go somewhere. «Lay money» — they think. «Will you come to Turkey, settling in the hotel, not to shame,» — they think. And not even lay. Or lay and ever go into the mysterious and incomprehensible Turkey, which will lie on the lounger, occasionally dipping into the pool. Is it travel?

If you still have not had to see the world beyond your town, drop everything and go on the road. All days are equally good, and to move in space is not as expensive as it seems to those who never tried. All objections to the high cost, cut short my three-year hitchhiking experience. Don’t go now is a great chance that will never come.


«Today I’m not in the mood at night in the drizzling rain, I will start tomorrow» — a familiar story? In the event the sport is all almost the same as in the previous paragraph: don’t start now — do not start ever. Sport is necessary for all, as the necessary food, water and sleep. You don’t postpone lunch for tomorrow, because today not in the mood? You can’t calm myself: «Tomorrow I will sleep», if you absolutely no enough time? Why then should suffer your natural need for movement? What makes it worse? Nothing. Postponing a workout, you will not win anything. You’re just delaying the workout.

A study just where you want it

In our age, learning is much easier than in any previous era. We have specialty sites, educational videos on YouTube, free and paid workshops, courses and centres. Learn — do not want. Most just chooses the «do not want». Why? Why are we throwing course, barely viewing the third video? Why unfinished stool lying at us in the hallway six months, preventing us to pass, while the girlfriend won’t freak out and won’t throw it away without permission? Why do we lack the balls to learn a new skill? Moreover, in the majority, we just want Noah and not do. Not doing that, Noah and want.


Home depressing. How many efforts we need to restrain themselves, to raise from the sofa and go in the direction of the vacuum? But if this is not done now, it will only get worse. Your house will zamusorivayutsya obscene. Things will increasingly move away from the familiar and certain places periodically showing up in the most unpredictable places. You know what else is sad? Then have to take a much longer and more carefully. Again, a disservice.

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