Don’t miss the «comet of the century»!


Once upon a time the comet was a symbol of crazy wars, sorrow, disease and other pleasures that have visited people in the dark ages, controlling population growth. Of course, now there are people who believe that a celestial body with a bright «tail» can lead to pain, but we, normal people simply must not miss this amazing phenomenon, like a comet ISON (C/2012 S1), which is the most striking phenomenon in this century, as scientists believe.

The comet has to fly very close to the Sun and will move with him for almost two weeks! At first glance, it is like a glass bullet with a long tail. Of course, if the Sun’s radiation will not destroy a celestial body. Comet ISON was discovered by two Russian Amateur astronomer.

The first images of the comet obtained using binoculars and a telescope, so the comet is approaching the Earth. The comet can be seen with the naked eye in the morning in the month of December and then in January, at night. Don’t miss it!

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