Don’t look stupid obrigaram-alcoholic this weekend

You might think that this advice is a little out of season: but it is not so, man! How many times over the holidays, you will be invited to enjoy family, friends and other dudes? I hate New year! On every occasion you lose control and get drunk to such a state that other than obrigaram you will not name. Probably you’re suffering from a colossal hangover, and it is clear: New year, should be noted. But there is still a drinking man, and we must be prepared. How to drink and not look like a dumb alcoholic? Today

Wear dark colors

Great advice, especially considering the fact that not to spill anything while drinking difficult. If you don’t shed, sheds some idiot that will mess with you with a glass hugging. On a dark background are seen not only stains from wine, vodka or cognac, but mucus, saliva and traces of… vomiting. Although it is perfectly possible to feel, but I think it’s the last thing someone cares.

Drink all the cups of suitable shape

It means drinking cognac is not from a mug, and a special brandy glass. All very simply explained: when the cognac in the Cup, it seems, it is small, while it is enough to blow your mind. If the whole party is trekking from one table to another, take something that is not so easy to spill the contents. Beer in bottle, wine in a slender glass. There’s nothing worse than a drunken person who goes and spill the contents of his glass. Drunk need to look decent — or at least try. If you seriously think that no one will remember, you are sorely mistaken.

To drink champagne

Nothing is as awesome beats on the brain like champagne. It’s hard to imagine something that will make you a few hours to take a miserable the toilet, holding him place. Drink one glass in the early evening, and you’re done. Know who is hearty in the morning? Someone who drinks a hardcore type of tequila. Remember increasing the degree!

Remember about body language

On the one hand, the more you say during the evening, the less you drink. It is logical, although some examples still manage to get drunk in dublinu, and chattering incessantly. Remember one unpleasant thing: every man, when he is drunk, says something stupid. His tongue tied, he has a strange body language, he waves his arms, laughs and behaves very strange. Therefore, more movement, more dancing and less talking. The farther into the forest the more you drink, the more strange and less meaningful you.

Eat food, drink water

Want to survive in the booze and be on the morning of hearty? Eat and drink clean water. Clean water will help your metabolism, reduce sorry for all those calories that you used during this hellish time. Drink water really ashamed, don’t listen to stupid advice. There is another quite original advice from life experience. Feel on the verge perepela eat proteinsoy bar. If you feel really bad morning from Pereira and the high alcohol content in the blood, take activated charcoal.

Never tell anyone that I was going to puke

The same goes for moments when you already went in this direction. I understand that sometimes we are just dying to share with your family something intimate, but it’s a terrible idea, man! I, like you, went to school. We had one girl that no one else remembered nothing, except for the part where this pretty lady in the Quinceanera dress to the prom right in the middle of the village sports hall, and said in a drunken voice: «I want to write.» Despite the fact that we were all drunk, we all remember this episode of school life, and the girl was none other associations never called.

Going to puke? Be a man and do it yourself. Of course, there’s a chance that’ll help, but still you’ll look like the most miserable way. Threw up? Rinse your mouth and wash your face. Now, it is possible to vomit, or to retire.

Avoid elevated surfaces

If you desperately wanted to climb on the counter, table or even a chair, drive that thought away. The first thing you need to realize that the furniture is shit. Even if it’s not shit, it is definitely not designed for the weight of an adult man who not only climbed, but will try to make some kind of PA. Bar is slippery, the chance to fall off it and break something really big. Let the ladies climb, really. Chair — the thing is more unstable than the table, remember the last time you climbed on a stool to get something from the top shelf or screw in a light bulb? And now imagine that you’re burdened with a lot of drinks and glasses. By the way, anybody ever tell you that the man that is dancing on the bar or the table is full Obregon? And yet it looks so disgusting that words can not convey.

Avoid meaningless ideas

If you came up with the idea to pour the absinthe on hand and to set fire to, better not. In a drunken state we create epic lewdness, remember this! So always remember, always try to keep a cool head, or at least some kind of moral core!

Do not try to dance like a stripper moonlighting

A man who makes twerk or have enough yourself for the groin, looks disgusting, even if he is completely sober. Don’t Pat yourself on the ass and say to them: ‘if girls will squeal, the other will look at you with strong disapproval.

Ignore all rules

Alcoholics don’t play by the rules.

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