Don’t like to iron clothes? Then you here, man

I hate to iron, man? I know what you mean! Especially for you I wrote a few tips that will help you to spend less time on this thankless task.

So, there was a great Laundry service, which was cleared of chips, salsa, beer and other pleasures of life of your favorite clothes, what to do next?

Let’s start with t-shirts. Each of them need to stretch at the seams, and how to shake over the bathtub, then they look pretty good and the last stage is to dry them on hangers. If the tee is still not exactly dry, it is enough to wear it literally for half an hour before leaving the house and everything will be in openwork.

Now jeans. They, like t-shirts, as you just have to align on the seams and hang it on pegs over the loops for a belt. If they don’t end up you are happy with after drying, will act with them as well as t-shirts.

Shirt… with them, of course, such tricks will not work, but on the other hand, many famous and not so famous brands often produce shirts that are in principle not need to be ironed, they look a little «polkunimi», in that if you, man, love the shirt, but hate to iron them, then buy only those that do not.

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