Don’t let the sun catch you in bed: why and how to get up early

how to get up early

When I was a kid, in my head the need to get up early was inseparable from adult life. It seemed to me that when you become a husband, you automatically begin to get up very early. It seems that in childhood I didn’t see asleep no dad, no grandparents — unless the first of January. What they did met, they didn’t have time to bask under a blanket.

As it so happened that I love to sleep. A good night’s sleep. But I know that so I wasted precious hours of my life that I will not be able to return. It is easy to turn the alarm off and roll over on the other side, but what good does that do you? The last few years I have struggled trying to get up early to catch the day more and achieve the goals set for themselves.

Below I will share what I learned when I started to get up early.

A bit of inspiration. Did you know that Ernest Hemingway wrote better in the morning? He explained that at this time no one is worried around is cool and you warm up during operation. He started work at six in the morning and wrote without interruption until noon. Immanuel Kant got up at five in the morning and drank tea. Then he smoked his pipe and meditated.

What is good to get up early

Increased productivity. At six in the morning the world is much more quiet and calm. All asleep, even the shops are closed. You can use this time to start the day. Plan your schedule to work on your project, check emails, play sports or do what you always forget during the day.

If you want to start something that will work and not throw the basic work, the best way is to do it in the morning. In the morning I better ranks texts and see what they should fix. Then vision is dulled, I digress, and in the end the work is done, but not so good.

Increased ability to be creative. Many writers and artists believe that creativity is better in the morning. Your mind at this time clean. I learned how to organize your day so that demands from me the most of the creativity had in the morning. Sometimes I write and in the evening, but the next morning all rewrite again.

Less stress. This happens in two ways. First, the day you get more because you have more time — and you have freed up more time for himself. In addition, waking up early, you can use the morning hours for reflection. Many of those who wakes up early in the morning just watching. Studies have shown that quiet time in the morning reduces stress, including because you don’t have to rush to get ready for work.

The sport is better. If you’re tired of your belly, and you have no time to exercise during the day, it is a great motivation to put the alarm for an hour earlier in the morning and run popadayutsya. Workout early in the morning will help you feel fresh all day. And the feeling of satisfaction that you feel knowing that already did a quick workout is incomparable to anything else.

How to learn to get up early

Before go to bed. The body needs an adequate amount of sleep to function at full strength. There is no meaning to Wake up early if you’re going to feel exhausted all day. If you Wake up an hour earlier, go to bed, too. If your body thinks that you are awake long after midnight and watching a movie, lie down, even if you’re not tired. Read until you feel sleepy. We have to accustom ourselves to the new routine.

Start with small steps. If you Wake up every morning at 7:45, don’t abruptly begin to get up at half past four. It’s too strong a change, and your body will start to protest. Steps should be small. If your goal is to Wake up at 5 am, slowly, for 15 minutes off your schedule until you reach this point. It may take more time than you’d like, but you can easily get sucked into a new direction.

Set the alarm away from the bed. If you can turn the alarm off, getting out of bed, most likely you will give in to temptation and sleep a bit. The clock should be put far enough from yourself, that you had to get up to turn it off. If stood up, no longer down.

You have to be a morning ritual. If you have nothing to do in the morning, there is no reason to get up early. You need some kind of morning ritual that you woke up. It can be a Cup of coffee or a cold shower. If you want something special, can winter morning to wipe snow. You need something that will invigorate your body and mind and Wake you up completely.

Wash with cold water. If you Wake up in the morning for a long time, cold water will turn you into a Daisy. Try to wash or shave in cold water.

Prepare a good Breakfast. Maybe I’m a simpleton, but I find it easier to get up if I know what I was in for something tasty.

Discipline! Products the habit of waking up early — difficulty is no different from how to develop any other habit. Only need discipline and responsibility. Just do it.

What if I’m a night owl?

Some people are just not created to get up early, and that’s fine. This is not some flaw and not a sign of laziness: your sleep just is what it is. In fact, if you’re a night owl, don’t worry: I recently came across a study which showed that those who gets up late, get more and are generally smarter.

If you’re more productive working at night, why break yourself? Continue in the same spirit. But I know that for most people working regular schedule, get up at 10 am is out of science fiction. It’s much easier to get up earlier than stay late.

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