Don’t do this at the gym

Many of us love to spend time in the gym, more love to spend time with advantage, because nobody wants to waste nothing, especially after several hours of grueling workouts that are supposed to produce results.

So our advice to you: spend time wisely and productively. And if you see that your results don’t match the efforts you’re doing something wrong. And I think we will be able to help you with this, because we have managed to collect a few things that make the men in the rocking chairs, which are worth a stop.

The Smith Machine

manygoodtips.com_29.06.2015_ynsJO8G2MlVdJYou anyone seen. It is in every hall, and it is not clear why it is needed.

The Smith machine is often give for the brilliant invention of the strokes, but it’s not. Its main advantage, according to manufacturers, is safety. The weight is clearly given trajectory, there is no possibility that the burden somehow falls on you. Cool, right? No.

The problem with this device is that it limits the muscle group used during exercise. So don’t think that you’re going to swing everything is in harmony, and do not think that it is safe, because the inability to press in a natural movement creates the basis for injuries.

What is the solution? The output is as old as the world. Use the barbell from the squat stands or a power. Start of course with dumbbells. Try, in short, the classics.

Power simulator load discs

manygoodtips.com_29.06.2015_CEXvFEOjv1UIzThese machines can also be seen in many gyms. They are not only considered as safe, but also serve as a reason for the administration of the sports hall to get you out of more money to the coach explained how to use them.

And again, these machines are not as effective as conventional dumbbells. They do not allow you to use three points as it could be done in the classroom with free weights. Instead, I suggest you only one thing. You move in one direction only, creating a risk of injury.

Instead, use free weights. If you don’t know how to deal with them, then read tips from the professionals, or hire a coach who will explain to you how to do. Trust me, it will be a much better solution than the disk simulator.

Another strange simulator

manygoodtips.com_29.06.2015_cI1MNmuTWnjqYIt’s called «Seated Calf Raise», which translates as «sit down and put your calf». Generally this machine is not so much effective as useless. You more build muscles, typing a text message on the computer than when working with this machine.

Calves can be particularly strong in many people. If you have different genetics, calves hard to grow. If you want to swing, you need less rest and more work to them. However, most people who train with this machine, don’t even know the meaning of the word «stay». If you want to get good results, raise the dumbbells, a barbell and some other weight, while leaving your ass on the floor. The car is better not to use.

Squats, the load on the spine

manygoodtips.com_29.06.2015_4wXyuKxD0G7JUIt is difficult to accept the fact that squats are useless. In what sense is how we do it. But surely you must know that such exercise is not only effective, but also make your spine and lower back is a terrible mess. Too much stress for them, and core muscles still aren’t working.

Dr. Stuart McGill conducted a study on the influence of squats on the spine, research has shown that doing sit-UPS load is more than 3000 Newtons, or nearly 350 pounds on the lower part of the spine. Although the results are certainly there, but isn’t it better to replace the murder of his spine to something more acceptable?

BOSU ball

manygoodtips.com_29.06.2015_zCn91acRV6vFKWell, or BOSSU Ball, no difference. Probably the most stupid thing from the list. Originally used by physiotherapists to help rehabilitate patients, where it was useful. But then adopted by some personal trainers who claim that exercises performed on it, «more functional than done on a hard surface.

And if balancing on the ball gives you some result, then performing exercises on BOSU balls makes you an idiot. Your body becomes stronger, when you feel the maximum load, which is impossible when using this device. And how often in real life do you find yourself on an unstable surface? The purpose of functional exercise is to simulate a normal, natural movement, but what is the purpose of those who exercise on this ball? In reality you balance when you stand on a flat surface, for example, when you bend down to pick up something.

If you want to develop balance, better simulate the moves I do in real life every day: bend over, lift etc. It will be better.

In General, anything you machine will not do. Stick to the old way and endure all the hardships of life, if you want to be a strong man.

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