Don’t DO List — don’t do it!

manygoodtips.com_24.02.2014_RLYxbzCwKEKuTIn some ways it has become a good tradition — to make lists of things not to do ever again. If you wish, you can always perform your life, a little reflection and understand what not to do. The list can be updated ad infinitum, there will always be hurtful things that frankly in the way we live. In this list you’ll meet the obvious and not obvious things that will help you to release your life from the next complicating factors.

1. Don’t let anything to chance

The worst thing you can come up with is to live as you live. So do a lot of people. Life, environment, and the weak will strongly helped to destroy their dreams, ambitions and turned them into normal functional people who are designed to perform boring routine work, after which awaits them routine and boring stay. Why are they doing all this if it seems that their life — destructive? Everything is simple and at the same time is extremely difficult. On the one hand, they have a chic universal explanation-excuse for all occasions: «all right!» Love does not happen, women are bitches, love working for creative people (and they all PI… gay), the main thing is the housing problem, it is necessary to live as all and not to show off. There are many such people, often they are sure that they are not miserable and their lives — normal, that is no different from the lives of most living on this troubled planet. «Each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way» — this phrase means that ALL poor families (that is, everyone has problems, and time without a problem — New year or birthday), and if not miserable, then come again or something wrong with gays.

The problem with these people is that they caved under pressure and let it go. Each had a period in life when he could snap. Got out of it with very simple reasons: to be strong or banal luck. I don’t think I’m so amazing will power. The only reason I was not lucky to become a sort of NPC in the game called life, I nedodavili. Later I got hands on his feet, showed the stubborn donkey continued to do what I like.

So, never let your life to chance. Of course, there are many factors that you cannot control, but, to be honest, to fall from a great height with minimal losses is always possible, if properly grouped. And what you want.

2. There’s no good time, but this does not mean that we should not plan

Remember one single crap: throw yourself into a whirlpool of events because «there’s no good time», which is worse than to wait for the sea weather. Once on one Russian website, which I should not mention due to involuntary advertising, there was an article about a guy who decided to conquer America. What killed me in this article is the fact that dudes were totally blind and spontaneous. This is an example, when spontaneity is very, very bad. The boys went to conquer a country with poor language skills, lack of useful skills (even work McDuck) and with a minimal amount of money. And then they wonder why the hell they had to sleep at the station is horrible? How America did not disclose to them his hospitable door?

Hypocrisy, exactly the litmus test that determines one hundred percent, that you are very dependent on the opinions of society, because the person who openly spit on him, irrationally so hard

I understand that to defer a project or an opportunity to engage in some hobby indefinitely is a terrible idea. But much worse than starting to do when you’re frankly not ready to anything. If you’re going to go to the gym, it would be better to read about the rocking chair several articles, for example on our website. Want to do business? You need to prepare by laws to read, to figure out how the business will be profitable. Without preparation, of course, sometimes you can, but better not do that ever.

3. Not to wear a mask

«Mask» something that makes me frankly sick. Five years ago most people did not know about the masks that puts most people to hide their true intentions, desires, thoughts and pretend to be more friendly and pleasant person. But now the masks tells every girl and even hopeway young man who deigned to master the articles on the pages «Vkontakte». But previously, they never thought such a simple thing as hypocrisy, which can be easily and pretentious to call «Masks.» But that’s not it.

Dude, don’t invent a mask. Some people see that you’re not who you pretend to be. The other part of the population defines a hypocrite over time, for a very simple reason: it’s hard to keep face. For this reason, the hypocrisy must be eradicated, because it takes too much mental energy to spend on something else. It is irrational, see now! On the other hand, hypocrisy, exactly the litmus test that determines one hundred percent, that you are very dependent on the opinions of society, because the person who openly spit on him, it is irrational to try so hard.

4. Don’t hide your humanity

Here, of course, there is the danger of becoming the whose neck happily saddle. But if everything is done correctly, it will be good. On personal observations I know that people, regardless of gender, age, social status and other data is respected by those who know the middle ground between humanity and ability to easily reset the boarder of the neck.

Nobody likes faggots. Foolish people consider them to be strong and confident in themselves, but they also eventually realize that all that regular show. Nobody likes bosses are faggots who will never go forward, even if you have to undergo surgery or to take the child from kindergarten. Six, of course, will assent, that the head just harsh, but we know that severity is one thing, but the shitstorm is another.

Another thing, when the chief and any other person, not burdened with power, understanding. This is difficult to achieve, but possible. And all because there is nothing wrong to show their feelings and the ability to empathize. It won’t rip your balls off, it will not make you less of a man, it is the act of a normal person who deserves the right to be called human.

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