Don’t deny this woman!

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So, dude, if you think that in America there is a tendency to put men for any sneeze in the direction of women with suspected sexual harassment, then you are a little mistaken. In America and a woman for sexual harassment against men can also easy to plant. But it is much rarer. However, we’re not about that. This story is even worse than this.

19-year-old crystal Harrison stuck to his 24-year-old boyfriend Jeffrey Wilkinson when they were lying in bed. But Jeffrey was not up to sex, then crystal stopped liking him, and he strongly refused their duties, but crystal was too persistent. It’s resulted that crystal painfully bit her boyfriend’s penis, which, incidentally, has a child. Humbled and humiliated severe damage to your Johnson, Jeffrey left the house in the buff, running away from the evil crystal, which was kicking and trying to spit Wilkinson in the right eye for discontent. We hear that this list will go to another woman!

However, Jeffrey to sue my friend is in no hurry, after all, are not strangers to each other people.

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