Don’t complicate

manygoodtips.com_30.06.2014_QRV2yJXS6RQ54Did you feel like everything and everyone is against you? As if every stone on the road trying to tripped. You will be surprised, but more likely that the culprit of this situation is you. You, of course, unconsciously turn your life into an endless struggle. We will help you to «sink in» and stop ruining his life.

1. Do you think that all you want something

Your colleague did something good for you, and you’re the other half devoted to meditation on the theme of «what’s the catch?». Don’t get paranoid, man. Among the huge pile of shit called «Humanity» sometimes there are really kind and selfless people. And maybe one of them was in the same office with you.

Your eternal waiting for the catch to cause enormous stress, which makes life in the first place you yourself.

2. You see in the future a lot of problems

Imagine, you’ve finally decided and asked out the girl of his dreams. And instead to rejoice the upcoming evening, you think about the one-hundredth version of a negative scenario. Do not argue, first date — the event is exciting. But to think that everything will go to pieces — so anyone go crazy. And what if you succeed, you think about that?

3. You’re a victim of your expectations

Perhaps you happen to be in a situation which went counter to your expectations. However, «suddenly» — not «bad». If it’s too serious to take a fantasy on the theme of what it’s supposed to be» — there is a huge risk not to notice that though everything went wrong, however, this is not the end. Perhaps «wrong» — even better than «Yes.» Even though you might not expect.

4. Do you think that the world revolves around you

No, dude, not rotating. And if you’re having a bad day, this does not mean that the universe decided to punish you. Most likely, the universe doesn’t care about you. Most likely, a bad day is just a bad day. Don’t be so dramatic.

5. You’re stuck

You have a lot of ideas and unrealized potential, but you’re still sitting on the couch waiting for the right moment? Do not pull the rubber. In order to do something, you need to start doing it. The right time does not happen. There is only «Now» in which you live.

6. You never run the risk

Before you hit the ground, you think of every detail, every step. Such scruples can be very helpful, but not always. Sometimes it’s worth the risk to go for broke, otherwise it will not work.

7. You — copy

You’re so afraid of making mistakes, being misunderstood or rejected, that putting all of your energy to be like everyone else. You are suppressing your own desires and opinions, your «I» in favor of public opinion. This pattern of behavior will haunt you a mass of neuroses, complexes and phobias. Isn’t it better to spit on this society and all its expectations before it’s too late?

8. You can’t let go

Perhaps, in every man’s life there is a place at least one strong resentment, a deep spiritual wounds, to forget about that incredibly difficult. Constantly focusing on old issues, you’re depriving yourself of an opportunity to move on, to live and breathe a full breast. Moreover, your resentment spoils the life only you, not your abuser. Isn’t it better in this case to finally let go of this problem?

9. You take more than they give

It is impossible to build a relationship with someone who only wants to receive but not give. Sooner or later your loved ones will understand that you’re a selfish asshole, and loved ones you will not. You’re risking to stay alone.

10. You have weak boundaries

We are talking about the boundaries of personal space. When you are constantly allowing others to invade your comfort zone, they begin to consider that it is okay. Sometimes you have to be tougher, man. Don’t let unwanted guests invade your world, otherwise you will enjoy.

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