Don’t bring her to the gym

We wrote many times about that girl going to the gym is cool, going together too well, because it’s a mutual motivation, common interests and all that. But today we had a debate on this issue in the wording and decided that there are significant reasons to never bring a girl to the gym. About this we’ll have to do.

To convince your girlfriend that you need to look after themselves and look even better — a trick to get her to lose a few extra pounds. Some guys seriously agree to go to the gym with a girl just so she worked to clean the folds and did something with his booty. So happy the second half of Jaba the Hutt is trying to improve his girlfriend.

Send her to Pilates. yoga, aerobics or any other trendy among girls stuff, which will give her the opportunity to improve your appearance. It will probably sit there on the fitness ball and talking with her aunt, but what were they doing there?

For many dudes, the gym is a special area. They refer to it as the Church, as something very dear and personal. It can come girls who play sports to become stronger and better, but without them. The same goes for guys who come to the gym with someone. Men can be, but kissing and maloushina between the approaches couples have many causes vomiting impulses.

Of course, it is worth noting that there are couples who come to the gym and doing my thing. Sometimes they are moved quickly between phrases, macauda and continue to work. I did go with my wife like that. This article does not apply to such couples. Our article for those girls who do not understand sports and where the rocking chair is a new place which up to this time they visited a couple of times in my life.

1. Stare at the ladies

Spaghetti monster bless those people who invented those tight pants and tops-bras! Now on women becomes even more a pleasure to watch! Guys look at pretty girls often without a second thought, just as the ladies look at the display of handbags. Beautiful always a pleasure to watch. As soon as you look the girl in the pretty pink t-shirt, you will get a glance filled with hatred and warning. Before you could relax, stare between sets to run on cardio machines girls, but now this freebie!

2. She may ask you who is better her or those girls?»

Sometimes without a second thought. The girl was in the gym for about a week and now thinks that stood in the way of correction, she is still sure that she had no problem areas and it just rocks to become even more beautiful. And then she asks you: «nice, but who is better? They or I?» Well, if you are surrounded by some fat women, what if around solid fitness game that looks beautiful, toned like a magazine cover? You’ll have to lie in order not to offend her, ‘ cause obviously, the girl begs for undeserved compliments. It’s hard to be a man, especially when she realizes that it loses much of sweaty girls.

3. It will distract you

It is always necessary to strictly define the time of rest between sets, but it will be difficult because someone will distract you. She needs to move the bench to change the lever, watch out for its technology, to support her post and all that jazz.

If the girl in the topic and all she needs from you to move this bench, everything is fine. But, if she does not understand anything in training, and the coach didn’t help her, you have to be her coach. You are not going to work out because you can hear her constant «nick, what do I do now!» «Nick, I’m tired!», «But you can do it next time!?», «Help me with this trainer!», «Do I look okay?» When you work with a friend, he can control you, to support and everything, but she can not do this due to the fact that it is much weaker.

4. She won’t listen to you

There are people for whom non-specialists are not automatically authorities. You don’t have coaching qualifications? So, you can all do as we please, not to remember everything the first time, and in the case of conflict to say, «you’re not the coach». To teach a girl who is not going to listen to you, because as you lift weights, it is difficult and almost useless. It is best to hire her coach, that he was her authority. In any case, have you ever thought that male and female training slightly different?

5. You will see her with the worst hand

If it will not work, it will be scary to freak out. Keep face cute. it will be very difficult, especially after a heavy rod. Some girls in the audience manage to look very tempting, being sweaty and disheveled. But there are those that look strange and sometimes inappropriately. Bulging eyes, sticking out hair, flop sweat, dirty tank top and an extremely unpleasant smell. If you don’t live together, and only together, it is not exactly the best impression to the honeymoon period.

6. Time man

Everyone needs their own time, so it is difficult for those who work in the same office. You have a job where you’re working, you have a house, where does your passion. Or you meet, it doesn’t matter. You need space, you need a place where you come and do what you like. In this place you can look at other women, to exchange a few words with other guys and do useful work. If there will be something from another life, it’ll ruin the impression about this place as a refuge from all people. Everyone needs space in a relationship, otherwise, you long for each other will not last.

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