Don’t be so: the list of dudes don’t like


Each of us knows a guy like that in any group of friends you’ll definitely find at least one guy in our classification. Bought it, and not all. He can be a good time, you have something in common, but he is still not his: he can drive and not even notice how it happened.

Today we will tell you what dudes, no one likes dealing with them and what to do if the guy is you.

1. Not able to play the type


He desperately messy on any sporting event or competition. Constantly complains that the ball is spun that the ball was at the curve that the judge seemed to favor the opponents and that generally one it normally plays. The blame for the loss never does not take over. Lost in the poker card was bad. Blowing in the tennis racket was not the same. In his own very valuable opinion, he never makes bad — and if it does, it is not their fault.

How to deal with this guy: For starters, do not let him to deceive everyone. If you know that he considers wrong glasses, tell me, where is the jumper. If you decide to take it to the competition, prepare to hear constant complaints and explanations, but not added fuel to the fire. It is clear: you want to move away from him or to shut him up, and even to ridicule, saying that you’re a crybaby — don’t strain. Everyone knows the truth: man is not able to play.

What if you’re the type: looks Like the dude that constantly yells: «the Judge on soap!»? You yourself have not tired of complaining? But you just look like one: always send a referee and blame everyone except himself. And learn to have normal to count the points: by the way, friends, too, think and take notice when you add yourself too much. Show a little maturity and sporting spirit. Lost friends in Halo, basketball, tennis, words, maps — anything — survive it like a man and admit defeat. Sometimes everyone loses, but nobody wants to hear your excuses. Be above it.

2. Rogue

The rogue had no money, he brings along some food and drinks, he never enter in themselves — instead, he uses all of the above. When everything vanishes in thee, like in a black hole, no one likes it. Last beer, last slice of cake, the remains of the salad — rogue eats everything. He never pays his debts and always forgets her purse at home.

How to deal with this guy: he always gets that wrong, but he was too lazy to change something. If you’re a philanthropist, help him to find a job, but be careful recommending it to someone, because this employee can damage your reputation. Until he can find work, just keep it under the supervision of: remember how much money he gave, and ask for a refund. Otherwise, do not give up. Don’t be shy to pull him when he grabs another recent piece of something: there is something.

What if you’re the type: get off your butt and get a job (and if the work you already have, not shame and stop nischebrodstvovat: worse than the poor rogue only rich rogue). Secondly, never take the last piece of anything if it’s not yours or if in stock nothing else. Sometimes perform the function of Santa Claus: come visit us not with empty hands, treat friends to drinks at the bar. I don’t care if you have to Rob a Bank: always return the debts, no exceptions. And do it in time, that money did not have to slap you. Now, if you’re still poor, try to invest in a joint meet in any other way — you need to also do something to help fun. A good cook? Do you have friends in the theater? Friends will appreciate all.

3. Unreliable boyfriend


If you’re called him, he never will even if you first agree and promise. He agrees in front of everyone and then refuses at the last moment. «On time» means for him «an hour late». To ask for a favor or to assign responsibility for something is like pulling teeth. He will not say «no», but will give this answer, which then will be covered when it is an hour after the goodbyes will text you with some ridiculous excuse. Why SMS? Doesn’t like to feel guilty.

How to deal with this guy: Always assume that he’s not coming, and then pleasantly surprised that he showed up! If you plan to go with him somewhere, make sure he’s first will invest in it financially, to not disappeared at the last moment. If he balks, let him not to do it only under one condition: if you have already found a replacement. Then you will be absolutely still. Not surprisingly, you have to trust unreliable guy as little as possible.

What if you’re the type: Friends you have never expected, and as a result, one day they will cease to call you. Change their opinion about themselves by their appearance at your meetings. Here is the original! And now here’s the thing: if you are invited somewhere you don’t want to go, just say you’re not going to from you nothing more is waited. Finally, please arrive on time. If you are constantly late, your friends begin to believe that you appreciate them less than their own. Come to the right place at the appointed time.

4. Apothecary


Constantly striving to gain an advantage, and pose as the elite. Forever recalled in a conversation some iconic names in the local manner. When he tells something, it is always the most strong, cool and nice, can drink the most and stay sober, and then get acquainted with the cool guys. Usually it is all from the uncertainty from apothecarie want more attention.

How to deal with this guy: you Know, it’s tempting to shut him up and expose, but oddly, you better let him enjoy his moment of glory: looks like he needs it. People the next day, of course, will talk about the inventions this guy, but will remember how you raised well. Rejoice that your self esteem does not depend on the amount of received attention. Do your job, do well, and the results speak for themselves.

What if you’re the type: no one cares how many famous people you know how many times you press a barbell and how you’re better than everyone else. When you are constantly yakayut, no one likes it — so stop. Instead, it is better to tell stories when they are relevant — not to brag and show off, but because the story is interesting in itself.

5. Liar


Each word of truth it is necessary to pull ticks. A familiar thing: a boring story keeps getting more interesting. From any scenario they do or detective or action. Very similar to can’t lose the guy and insecure guy.

How to deal with this guy: Just listen to all of his fiction and don’t try to catch him in a lie: he would resent me to leave and to weave a more complex web of lies. Just be glad you’re not a liar, and rejoice that your word can be trusted. If the lie becomes too obvious, take him aside and talk seriously: say it shame.

What if you’re the same type: If you know that you’re lying, and your friends know you’re lying, you’re digging your own grave. Instead to write stories and lie more quirky, just tell the truth and wait for the moment when you will have an interesting story.

A little less common types of those guys

Pendulum: he doesn’t Have his own opinion, he agrees with all who are at this moment close to him and whom he wants to impress. Spineless type.

Vociferous: could Not close his mouth for a minute, can’t keep a secret, talking to the movies, interrupts interlocutors. It is impossible to include important information, unless you want to see it written on every fence.

All-over the edge: not very common, but nevertheless enough. Gets drunk at every party too hard, continues to tell the same joke until it ceases to be funny, take offense at things that no one takes to heart. And no sense of tact.

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