Don’t be afraid to pick a fight

manygoodtips.com_6.10.2014_zqf7f5i9MYUUNWhen you’re young you dream of a perfect, just perfect. But falling in love with one, understand that it is impossible. Sooner or later you and your beloved will meet in a huge fight. Not the fact, of course, that you will immediately break up, but if it happens that your paths diverge, you will never think about what the perfect relationship really exist.

And the problem is not you or her. The problem is that the argument is absolutely fine. The natural struggle between the partners only fuels the relationship, not destroys them. The main thing is to accept this truth and not try to create a perfect world. In the end, you will miscalculate, and all miserably fail.

It is strange that you believe in real and sincere is not a relationship of misunderstanding and struggle. If you really are sure about this, but now we will try to change your mind.

1. You to air your dirty Laundry

She doesn’t know what to wear to the movies, you don’t know what you eat before bedtime. She doesn’t like that you scatter socks, does it bother you that she doesn’t shave her legs every day… you Know, your small claims against each other will soon develop into a big lump of dissatisfaction, and then contempt and hatred.

You need to discover these claims and to sit down at the negotiating table. Do not wait until this situation has accumulated to the limit, better crush problem in the Bud. After the conversation you will know about what needs to change, or at least, what you need to work.

2. You will be comfortable

The main symptom of comfort is that feeling when he can do what he likes, when he can fly in the clouds, even if the room sits his mate. You should feel comfortable inside. This usually happens to people when they are happy and loved.

You won’t believe, but during an argument one can experience the same feeling. During a quarrel, you start to prove to each other that you are better than it looks different. Thus you start to speak and say even more about what were silent for a long time. After such situations you feel moral satisfaction, and don’t need any more negativity — you just want to hug her.

3. You both want to work

After such a COP you know that she also wants to work on relationships as you do. She just turned and walked away. She dumped you and it wasn’t. People fight for what they hold dear. Here you fight for your relationship. Are you ready to work on themselves and correct errors, just to be together.

If you’re not trying to make your relationship better, then you clearly have something wrong, or your girlfriend goes to the left. If you care about your relationship, then you don’t stop in one place and will regularly work on relationships.

4. You will return to prudence

Yes, sometimes anger and aggression is insane, and you can just nail it. But if you run it out not concentrated in one time, and partly portions, it will do only better. You have accumulated enough, and you need to talk about it. No need to make a scandal, just a conversation.

After your stock the discontent will disappear, will come back to you common sense. After all, you already threw out all the negative emotions — it is time to gather strength and relax. Now you do not worry.

5. You’ll get an honest answer to the question

So-so. Maybe you don’t even have to ask the question, you just hear the revelation, which had not guessed. Know thoughts soar in the air like witches on their brooms dusty.

You got into a situation where she’s in the middle of an argument, suddenly says: «And it generally annoys me that you throw the wrappers in the apartment»? Oh, and here’s the revelation! This always happens when the fight really serious.

6. You get the sex

When the case ends, sex begins. As always, if you have passion and fight out of nowhere. Although the weightier the cause, the hotter and better sex. So don’t skimp on the emotions.

You already see this picture: she yells at you, at some point you stop to listen… in Short, as a result, you awesome fuck. This is the main and indisputable advantage of the quarrel.

7. Remind you about what you’re doing wrong

EACH time you fight it will remind you of your mistakes. Yeah, you definitely need to push for decisive action. Guess you don’t notice their mistakes. But you’re from time to time to talk about it. Why is it so hard to hear them? Every time you promise yourself that you will never do it, but immediately after a fight forget this promise. Because now everything was adjusted, and change anything to anything.

8. You better understand yourself

In that moment, when she tells you: «you’re all wishy-washy, can’t make so-and-so.» — you realize: «Damn, and right here I was wrong. Maybe I should have done differently? I it is still appreciated.» Do you understand what really feel, and now you have an easier problem to solve.

We would like to say that we should not be afraid of quarrels. Don’t think that if you fight, then you have nothing. This is not always the case. Just don’t take it literally. If this bitch is abusing your love, if it uses, or abuses you in any other way causes you distress, then said goodbye to her. You always have to feel this line.

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