Don’t be a dick: the false qualities of the alpha male, how tired of these eternal conversation about alpha males! Generally, this type of attribute features are not a cool dude, and ordinary selfish and unpleasant person, which helps to survive his kind and tribe (which usually makes the alpha male in the ethological sense) and helps to survive only themselves, forgetting the little fact that if he spit on society, society will be wiped, but if society spits on him, he will choke.

«Alpha male» is a term we borrowed from the animal Kingdom. Among animals the alpha is the highest rating. He eats first. He was the first mate. He gets what he wants, because all the other recognize his superiority. This is an extremely simplified concept of the alpha male, which is the case in real science, in relation to animals. Human life proves that society elevates those who do not own some special signs on the top, or those who really don’t deserve it. An alpha male cares about the survival of a certain group and has a number of useful skills, but he certainly doesn’t have habits like these.

1. Aggressiveness

The best defense is a good offense. Especially if it prevents a shot. If you see an opportunity, go for it. If you see vulnerability in the opponent, use it without delay.

In fact, if you put an aggressive tone, expect that you will respond in kind. Why in the world as jerks and m*Dacians? Yes, because they still no one answered with dignity, but when push finds on a rock and appears a man who can answer that, it becomes much worse. In addition, aggression is a sign of weakness! So-so! It’s a weakness because you can’t keep your hands to yourself.

2. Do not allow someone to not respect you

«Respect my authority!» — remember the terrible Cartman. For a classic alpha male, the largest currency — recognition of the power. If anyone doubts it, destroy it. Use snide, sarcastic remark, and in the worst case — «the fool». Best of all, of course, to wait and to publicly humiliate the person.

In some circles, the requirement of respect for the work, but most likely, you recognize a volatile psychopath who uses dubious methods to obtain respect as archipalego resource.

3. Be brave

Ignore the risk! If you think about it, it means that you are weak at heart!

About the risks thinks any reasonable person, foolish is the one who is jumping head down from the mountain, not thinking about the need to insure.

Large enterprises, based on the high risk, give much more effect when they go directly according to plan. It is impossible to plan everything, but no plan is absolutely pointless. If you consider yourself a stereotypical alpha, you will find someone that you can blame your fail. But you’ll never admit it and will not pay for your mistakes. Why? Yes, because those who has the idea of the alpha male, usually do so. «Anyone but me!» that’s their position. Why? Because I am incredible!

4. Dominate

Superiority is a relative thing. The more your throne of skulls of enemies killed, the stronger your reputation and the longer your virtual penis.

If the person turns out to be an obstacle to your goal, you eliminate it. This is a strong signal to other potential bidders, it shows your strength and superiority. Enemies become allies, or removed from the scene, bent to your will.

If you remember the school bullies have always been in the forefront. Especially if you got a bad grade. The only problem is that we are no longer in school. One of the main reasons for the collapse behavior of pseudolife is that the higher you go in this way, the more hostile the environment around. With each rung of the ladder that you’ve overcome the rapidly increasing number of people who would like to Polish your face. In the end they will be too much. And, in spite of your track record, there will come a day when your luck turns back on you.

Why the alpha male can be, and you can’t?

Because of the mythical personality of the alpha gets all the credit for the natural talent and match ideal perceptions of the coolness of a particular social group. Alpha Gopnik will differ from the alpha of an ordinary person of the middle class, although the General features are undoubtedly there.

This man is confident, because it is, he pretends, which is a solid stone wall. Alphas can be born and can become. Even if Frank alpha before was a skinny nerd, he can change, pump up and become really confident and influential member of society. And this fact will raise it above any natural Dominator, because man has made gain.

The alpha’s quite a lot of advantages, which are obvious.

1. Alpha assertive

He does not show aggression, all his actions are full of perseverance. It is for this reason girls love him: the dude gives the impression that he knows what he wants. Hostile in the face to tell the girl that she is ugly, so must take what you can get, and then offered himself. Alpha usually tells the person: «I like You, wanna go to the movies with me tomorrow night?» For this reason, alpha doesn’t know what «friend zone».

2. Alpha respects

Rather, he gives each person the opportunity to earn respect. Alpha can not love all feminine, he may treat it with skepticism, but without hatred. This man not only likes specific individuals, but without aggression. A strong hatred is always hurt. And alpha is not offended. He shows respect to others, because he wants to, not because I have to.

3. Alpha understands the risk

He is brave enough to do, but never rushes head first into the maelstrom. Why? It is illogical and dangerous!

4. He helps others

No, this is not the man who climbs up the bones of enemies, this is the man who can pull up more, and those who are dear to him. Alpha not only develops your talent, but not against to help develop them to other people.

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