Donkey Kong, a barrel and a table


Dude always a pleasure to have at home a small table on which to put a mug of beer and occasionally put things like ashtrays, books, or laptop. Every dude in the house need a special men’s area, which is need to equip the macho way on personal tastes. When I saw this thing, I immediately realized that I wanted her home, if you ever own a big beautiful house in the suburbs. This table performs three functions: it is a table, the original piece of furniture and at the same time machine to play old game Donkey Kong. The device is a custom from one of the fan of Nintendo. They made some devices for sale. The manufacture of such a miracle of nature the guy took 20 hours of real time, old computers and set-top boxes, wine barrel, glass table, paint and stencils. The cost of the device is $ 415.


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