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The famous people also have favorite books and what’s particularly interesting, time to read them. Sometimes interesting is not just the fiction, and how it influenced the personal growth of a personality. Sometimes reading a book, watching a celebrity, her honor, and can’t understand why she likes it so much. The more interesting to read.

«The power of positive thinking», Norman Vincent Peale

Who loves: Donald trump

Handbook of billionaire yesterday, but today the President, which reveals the secrets of various spiritual practices that help to overcome problems, gain confidence to find a path to success. In short, a typical example of the literature of self-help with all its pros and cons, hybrid with simple recommendations for the psychological and pastoral recommendations to the believers. All because the author of this book — pastor. A little surprising to see these books among your favorite Donald, isn’t it? So often, instead of the Council, the author quotes lines from the Bible. However, for religious people and believers of the book will be very useful anyway, would strengthen the faith in yourself. And for the very desperate — they need an extra incentive will always be useful. On the whole, to call her a miserable language does not turn, because it is not binding, does not provoke. A good, enjoyable read, without the rabid religiosity. In any case, everyone will find in it something of their own and to reflect on one of the main ideas of this fiction — not everything should be done unceremoniously, in accordance with modern realities.

«The catcher in the rye» Jerome Salinger

Who loves: bill gates

Billy gates is always and everywhere said that this book influenced him more than others. If other books from the shelf that says «favorite», were mainly the textbooks for the business, «the catcher in the rye» is nothing like the textbook of life. At first glance, it is difficult to find anything in common between the prudent gates and lush Holden Caulfield, but only at first glance. After all, the beauty of work is that the main character acutely American reality, refusing to accept the rules by which society lives, but also criticizes the public morality. That is, he doesn’t want to be like everyone else, he is against senseless tenets, and only such people preside over the destinies of the world. That’s the similarity.

Creation Salinger really makes you think a lot about, but to read it better until that particular age milestone, when evaporate the desire for rebellion and inner romanticism, when life and social order have not yet began to seem a thing fundamental. Otherwise the book will be of strong dislike and seem reflexive bullshit of a teenager.

«On the road», Jack Kerouac

Who loves: johnny Depp

At the time this book was about as popular as pseudoliterary like «50 shades of grey», but unlike similar bibliographic slag, Kerouac’s nice and interesting to read. Kerouac had a hand in creating the culture of American youth of the mid-century. God forbid «50 shades» will do at least something.

The main character Sal Paradise, which is easy to guess the author of the novel, and his friend Dean Moriarty’s carefree romp through American and Mexican roads. The boys intercept a dollar here, a dollar there, lazily smoke weed, get drunk with the booze cheap alcohol, casual fuck girlfriends, shoot the cigarettes, get into fights in bars provincial towns fall on my head in the familiar and move to hitchhike from one party to another. Since then, for many, the ideals of a free life look like that. So it is not surprising that a rather strange citizen johnny Depp loves this book. His whole life reminds the same carefree wandering.

In this book there is no plot, just the philosophy of the beatniks, but it’s still great literature. Just read the description of the nature and society — will understand why this book is considered an outstanding literary work.

«Losing my virginity», Richard Branson

Who loves: Evgeny Chichvarkin

«Already captures the spirit! says Chichvarkin, — Aspiring entrepreneurs will find the book a good portion of adrenaline,» wrote a book about it a fan of Branson, and a quick millionaire, founder of «Euroset» and just a good man Evgeny Chichvarkin. And it is simply impossible not to agree. One of the most successful and wealthy people of England, which on top is renowned for its excellent sense of self-irony, and wrote a book. More precisely, an autobiography. What is the conclusion? Sincere to the meat off the confession with a nice addition of humor and an overdose of pouzitelnosti. Just so and not otherwise, although in candor we cannot say definitely, because we are a candle on Branson did not hold.

Here all: and failures, victories and defeats, and achievements present in the turbulent life of the author. Surprisingly, restless, reckless adventurer (even more than he Chichvarkin, who was regarded as we have the most creative businessman in history just because they went everywhere not in my dinner jacket, torn jeans and t-shirt) red thread held by the product of the understanding that the most valuable achievement in life of everyone is a simple human happiness. The book reads in one breath and really fills you with confidence and in a planned business.

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