Donald trump and his tower

manygoodtips.com_26.03.2015_7NaOGHdcbZXtKSome love it and read written books, others openly hated and even called the red devil. However, he doesn’t care. Now 68 years old, like Donald spits on the opinions of well-wishers from the top of his «trump tower», because can afford. He always listened to other people’s opinions that enabled him with the top of his tower to create a vast Empire, which Sauron never dreamed of. As trump likes to say:

To succeed, you need to separate yourself from 98 percent of the world’s population.A descendant of German and Scottish immigrants, he was raised in a quite wealthy family. At least his parents could afford to send young Donald to study in University, which I can not afford to many Americans. His father also was in real estate, and the first practical experience of a young don received in the office of his father, which came after University. By the way, about the universities. It is now stuck to him the image of a daredevil, a rebel and a very sharp tongue. In College it was different: he never drank, smoked, and how playboy became famous much later. The study was not to trump priority, he wanted to create his own Empire and for this have made sometimes quite unexpected. When Donald was still a student his father decided to buy the bankrupt complex of 1200 flats called Swifton Village in Cincinnati, Ohio. The complex was purchased for less than $6 million and sold during the year for $12 million Donald realized that the government will help purchase property low-income people, and best of all knew how to obtain such assistance. Since this all started. luck she was young, Trump to hand, but he was still little. From under his red eyebrows he had always looked down on new York, considering the city a gold mine. Deciding that to wait then it makes no sense, he moved there, rented a very simple apartment and began to study the city’s properties by direct impacts: he just walked the streets and got acquainted with the buildings.

For billionaires work and pleasure are one and the same.However, his first steps as a developer has gone unnoticed even though trump has offered all the same as the competitors, but for less money. Here it is, the magic of the name. When the name is unknown, your job is useless.

Stubborn but Donald did not seem. He waited, he waited a very long time and finally came. When Trump was 28, he took a chance and threw all their forces for the construction of the business center on a plot of land, devastated the Central road in the Western part of Manhattan. He also won the right to repair lousy altogether unprofitable of the hotel Commodore, which had a great location, and has signed an agreement with Hyatt Hotel Corporation, which did not have a large hotel in the centre of new York. Developing complex projects, Donald has achieved forty years of tax credits, and then repaired to the hotel, which opened in 1980 under the name of Grand Hyatt. Once these two projects were implemented, trump received a long-awaited recognition, and competitors had to worry. Well, the main symbol of her power became the 58-storey complex of shops and apartments, all with 80-foot waterfall with the immodest name of TrumpTower. Such a miracle of architecture was interested in everything from simple buyers to owners of the boutiques and the king of Saudi Arabia.

In business it is better to be audacious, even impudent, than the hard and intractable.And then all like clockwork: the creation of an entertainment Empire in Atlantic city, the construction of plazas, hotels, multi-million dollar casinos that bear the name of the Creator. At the peak of wealth, in 1989, Empire trump’s $1 billion included Trump Parc, which was a 24 thousand rent of premises and apartments, the airline Trump Shuttle Airline, a riverboat casino in Indiana, the football team New Jersey Generals Football League of the USA, Trump Castle and luxurious private homes.

The second important event in every man’s life is the day he buys the boat, and the greatest event in his life – the day when he sells it.But, as he sang Led Zeppelin are good times and there are bad. In the early 90s, over know the troubles trump began to thicken the clouds. Donald was able to create an Empire, it can be compared with General Atilla: he could win, but could not control the conquered.

Best friends always trump were banks. He was able to charm not only the size of his behalf, but promises. Donald built a huge casino, Pestryaev lights apartment complexes, hotels, Aeroflot and gave them his name the money of eminent bankers, for which the surname of the entrepreneur was unwavering guarantor of success and profit. But in reality, it looked like they sold soul to the Devil, because if trump is failed, then they would have no luck.

Thunder boomed in 1990: Donald was not able to repay the loan in the amount of more than $2 billion And though to provide some funding in the critical case possible, but would have to transfer to creditor banks not only controlled the larger part of the real property, but also 10% of the total earned. And this, sorry, very large honestly earned money.

In the end, after litigation, the trump has become a rather unpopular figure. He is always in close contact with the public, but this time it was useless. Only the lazy did not abuse Donald and predicted for him a quick death.

However, trump was able to find the strength to be reborn, like a Phoenix from the ashes, which happened in 1997. The money has always been a lot, so some of the crumbs for the construction of «trump tower» across America he left. They pulled him out of the crisis. Oh, and don’t forget Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts, which brought the lion’s share of the income of a successful millionaire.

Oh, and then the story of extraordinary success – construction 90-storey Trump World Tower, hung right over humble by that measure, the United Nations building. Say, Kofi Anan was not very happy about this neighborhood, but it was useless to argue, since the mayor of new York, Giuliani and other high Lord did not intervene.

manygoodtips.com_26.03.2015_ef0A9Bz5u0gd1All of these services allow a billionaire to enjoy life to the full. He was married three times, and all 3 of his wives were beauties (I wouldn’t say the don). His daughter – a charming fashion model (although, to be honest, for an Amateur). He generally likes women, what’s the reason and conduct such competitions as «Miss universe», «miss USA».

By the way, about children. Donald since childhood tried to instill in them a love of labor to the freeloaders themselves could earn a living. Although, even if none of his children did anything but the understanding of Zen in a luxurious apartment, with hunger, they wouldn’t have died. Although it is believed that daddy trump could get beat the crap out of young heads.

No job to their children a heavy burden of undeserved wealth: it can «paralyze» them, to discourage their desire to work hard and achieve your own success in life.In the United States for a long time he was the most famous tycoon, surpassing in popularity even jobs. This is despite the fact that he has never had PR. But he’s the only millionaire who was twice nominated for an Emmy award for comically played the role of himself in such films and television series like «home Alone 2», «babysitter», «the Prince of Beverly hills,» «Days of our lives», and like a typical hero in the film «Loafer». It is often portrayed as comedic actors, and artists of other genres. Trump is also involved in various talk shows and other TV programs as a presenter. And innate wit helps him not to get lost in the media noise. So what sort of PR! He is a great PR man. And besides, millions of Americans know him not as a millionaire, and as a permanent member of the World Wrestling Entertainment. Many times the fights were held in it «trump Plaza», and he personally led several shows. Once trump made a bet with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon about the result of one of fights. The winner had to shave his head defeated live. Fortunately, don had to break up with his huge head of hair, and he duly performed the duties of a Barber.

I believe that the inability to give an adequate size tip – a sure sign of a loser.

manygoodtips.com_26.03.2015_WRpZXtJPHiAtEIt’s all good. At home waiting for a beautiful wife and nine-year-old son, growing up grandchildren. The business is growing and thriving. «The owner of Manhattana» he’s like Sauron sits in his tower manages the business and does not stop there. His ambitions are much wider – he wants to become President of the United States. What method out of the crisis it is, if only the voters supported it, although the people and so loves him. Well, if so, then let’s wish him luck, if he is, I won’t. And if they lose, then a long time to grieve not be. Will hold a couple of dozen shows, build a couple of hundred towers of a name, write a few inspirational books about how we need to conduct business, and go to relax with Golf. What all of you want to.

Oh, and finally a very important tip from «red devil».

Stay humble, disarmingly, underestimate their accomplishments and achievements. Reserving his cruelty and ability to be a formidable for those times when you really need it.

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