Domestic assault – not a sentence!


Question, I think that goes for guys and girlfriends.

However, here he is:

Is it possible to avoid «everyday» in long-term relationships? And if so, how?

About three years Dating a guy, everything is fine. Think about a life together, but I sometimes get the idea that it could be the end of a great relationship, and the beginning of «Laundry, cooking, cleaning, quarrels over trifles», though the preconditions are not observed. From such thought, tears welling as much, but everybody is saying: «Life is inevitable and eats love.» So is it true or not?

The answer

Oh, my dear, you’re bytovuhi not going anywhere. It first all the interesting and nice, and then comes her Majesty the domestic. From her nowhere to hide. It happens and the rich and famous, and fell madly in love. Even if you see only late at night, even if it is for six months to disappear on business trips, boring and serious domestic issues will not be left alone.

Someone will say: «Add romance to life, walk, try to surprise each other.» Good advice, but if you have daily erotic passion, flowers and Breakfast in bed the debris itself will not make the bread myself will not buy, and the shelf are nailed. You’ll still shed the claims, starting with the annoying as hell: «I told you…» then as your date will resent shouting: «Fuck you again!?»

Life is inevitable, it is inherent with family life. «Don’t eat in bed, I just washed,» «I told you to go check it out», «for God’s Sake, don’t! I’ll do it myself», «Damn, I just washed!», «You actually listened to what I told you!?» – it’s natural. Just try not to make the life cause of quarrels and treat this boring, boring of course, but the inevitable boredom much easier and with humor.

Be tolerant of each other and try not to dwell – accept your partner the way he is. Trust me, the scandals unwashed dishes, scattered socks and putting things in order in the toolboxes do not incite passion, just annoying.

By the way, more than life, love eats banal habit, stable, regular life, which turns into painful boredom. A bytovuha – Yes, at the level of the showdown in kindergarten (if you behave like we said).

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