Dolph Lundgren: fists of the Hollywood zoo

manygoodtips.com_12.08.2015_QJiGS1H41BTzMRemember those rough, terribly simple, but nevertheless interesting fighters? Peak clumsy fighters, which was interesting to watch a bottle is the second beer after a hard day, came in the 80-ies. It was a time of strong men who turned the world as soon as they please. From the thoughtfulness and humanity of the 70’s nothing left. New times dictate new conditions for the cinema. And on this wave of strong men and went our hero Dolph Lundgren.

Lundgren became famous with the role of the Soviet athlete-heavyweight Ivan Drago in the fourth part of the epic «rocky». A fighter never existed, but Dolph gave the audience what it asked for. Ivan Drago was a powerful fighter, who did not like to talk much, but he loved to train. This was a dangerous man whose goal was to become the best at any price that is automatically deprived of the character of humanity. Ivan Drago is Russian the eyes of the American Republican at that time.

I do not aspire to become a mountain of muscle, because then I won’t be able to inflict sharp blows and move quickly so that Schwarzenegger can not worry – I’m not going to compete with him.

Dolph LundgrenThen went to such iconic films as «Showdown in Little Tokyo», «Universal Soldier», «the Punisher». From the latter we can highlight a series of films «the Expendables», which has set itself the task to revive the genre of naive militants.

To play in such an ambiguous genre, one talent is not enough. Rather, not even so important was the talent, like a mountain of muscles and a severe expression. Force and brutality had to be in everything: the look, voice, gait and, of course, fists. So in Hollywood, few can deny the Dolph – he’s a martial arts master with a very good sports story. Champion of great Britain in karate in 1980 and 1981, the Australian champion at Kyokushinkai in 1982. He even was the captain of the US Olympic team in pentathlon. In General, the dude knows how to punch the villains. General, the life of this actor can be divided into two stages. Single stage – Lundgren-soldier, second — Lundgren-star of Hollywood. And don’t underestimate the first half of life of an outstanding athlete.

I will never quit doing karate. Thanks to him, I turned from a skinny insecure teenager in today’s. Karate has shaped me not only physically, but spiritually. And who knows what I’d be if I didn’t have it.

Dolph LundgrenSo happened that the father of Dolph wasn’t exactly an exemplary father. He was often beaten, and of the son and his wife, in every way venting on them their failures. This is what inspired Dolph to sign up for karate lessons, and he further tried to underline his difference from his father. Maybe Lundgren and had no innate physical talents, but thanks to the persistence he has achieved. It is strange that this guy chose karate instead of Boxing.

manygoodtips.com_12.08.2015_gQFZ0ZbmCAMSiActually, the story of Dolph indicative and will be very useful insecure dudes. Dolph wasn’t always a mountain of muscle. In my childhood it was calm, quiet and sickly child. He played trombone and sat behind books, while his classmates went to night clubs and all sorts of matches. And sports he really was not engaged, feared, even in General like to think of shy frail body. But at the age of 12 got his hands on a book about karate and life changed. He trained, then I fell in love sparring, it likes to hit, he kind of liked it when he was beaten. He soon began to freely walk around the hot spots of Stockholm. The fear disappeared completely, after which, in addition to the massacre, young Dolph saw in karate and a certain philosophy, a way of life.

Then followed new York and the beginning of an acting career. Dolph never thought about it. He wanted to get into a modeling Agency, where he immediately refused (too muscular), then worked as a bouncer, but somehow stumbled upon a very famous dudes of that time and ended up in the art world, where everything was new and strange.

Life in new York opened my eyes to the Swedish diversity of people and lifestyles, mostly in the arts. I was hanging out with Andy Warhol, Keith Haringa, Iman and Steve Rubella, dancing in «Studio 54» and studied acting with Andie MacDowell and Tom Hals.

Dolph Lundgren to Get a role in rocky 4 was not so simple. First, it was dropped from too high growth. However, Dolph did not fall into despair and the most brazen re-sent resume. Then it took. By the way, on the set, he was able to put Stallone in the hospital when he demanded to fight for real. Do Sylvester Stallone is the man, which owes its popularity to the Swede. It sly showed the world Dolph, and it was after a movie with him, the actor has become one of the most popular stars of the 80s.

manygoodtips.com_12.08.2015_L1h50mnSlzXQ1To avoid shit movies Dolph failed. It was shown as a stupid Bumpkin who can only make that fight. This action was popular at the time, and in the background rose a lot of actors, the same van-Damme. Although this «goof» had a good technical education and even received one-time Fulbright scholarship.

Many critics believed Lundgren is a bad actor, absolutely not realizing that he was not allowed to open from the other side. We had to sell the «action» where a lot of fights and explosions. When you watch such movies, they often think about its taste. However, it is not necessary to put a stamp – fighters, too, are very steep, they are designed for other purposes. Similar movies to the brain and for the soul and relaxing.

Now this Nordic-looking man visibly aged. He is 57 years old, he looks tired and shabby. But you can always rewind and watch one of the 50 films in which he took part, being young and full of energy.

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