Doesn’t matter: don’t worry about these things

It is difficult to see the world outside of our lives. To adopt a different point of view or to look at the situation from a different angle it is difficult to many of us. We all Merim own measure, and to abandon this habit really hard. It is also difficult to find a balance between things that seem important and worthy of attention, and those things, the value and the danger of which we exaggerate. It seems to think that they are really important, but is it really or are we worrying for no reason? Have to worry about it or just our fear has big eyes? Why don’t we just throw a few bad topics for paranoia, our restless, filled with fear of life, to free up some space for love, Hobbies and everything that makes us happy?

1. To do something nice for others

Your efforts can be appreciated by other people, but it often happens that they do not care. You try, tear the wires, and notice anyone, not just you. What can you do: life is unfair (it is), someone turned out to become a pet of the authorities or relatives, and some don’t! If you really try, proving himself to be a sort of chelovekovedenija, you have a huge chance to become those who are called righteous, without which it is not worth the village. Don’t think this is a positive characteristic! If you do not notice, when there is «in love» with someone else, your constantly looming figure, shouting «pick me» will only irritate! To make a nice one only to dear friends, and that do not overdo it! The opinions don’t bother you if you don’t cross the road.

2. To please their soul mates

What’s the word-stupid — «the second half»? The best solution is not yours, and her, and compromise. To please a woman in all — a great way to turn into a useless nice guy. Don’t worry about it, if you know what a compromise is.

3. As you can see your life other

These constant «what will people think good?» prevents every Russian to do what he likes. Into our lives came the social networks give us too much trouble. Like a person is sure that he does not care about the opinions of others, but stubbornly taking pictures of his new car to collect «likes» from friends, colleagues and other guys. So jealous! It seems that the selfie, he does only in order to make a almanac of your life, but in fact he is overly concerned about what others will see that and think right, think. Needless to say that it’s a waste of time if everyone knows? It is necessary not only to know but also to understand it perfectly, my friend!

4. Creating a good impression

If you don’t curve the face when they first met and not trying to impersonate someone is not, all should be well. But if you even managed not like steam does not make sense: someone else’s decision not to change. Perhaps people who don’t like you, too are addicted to exterior things, or you don’t like it, because confuse Monet with Manet. Themselves to blame that such snobs, in short! We can love or hate without a reason in daily life are guided by logic. Can and respect for something worthwhile and for something serious to hate. Such a thing life, a lot of special cases!

5. The life of any person to

Everything can change, and it’s true. Lovelace can calm down and become a family man. A few of the previous novels your girl gave her a reason to draw the right conclusions and become a different person. The number of men in her life (if not the hundreds) does not matter, if you see that all of you seriously. There is a certain type of thinking, what makes a girl a prostitute is a sort of textbook, but these ladies can be seen a mile away, and to start a serious relationship at least logical. All can improve and change, we do it all the time. Most often, we worry for no noteworthy reason. For example, in young dude was a hippie, and the girl was a period of casual sex. If you think about it, there’s nothing bad: just a life episode that is gone. If it is no longer a hippie, but she’s not looking for sex fast food, they have changed, because many years have passed. Nothing to worry about!

6. Fiasco

Any failure in any business, whether it’s playing chess or bad business, not what worries if you haven’t lost everything! Otherwise, the cause for concern. Worst of all, when you’re worried, even though nothing bad has not happened yet. Even if the chances of a major failure, assess risks and understand that you don’t lose the most precious — your life. Well, you lose your job, will find! On the bright side. Everything else is trivia.

7. Do not be afraid to follow the schedule

You know that scheme: be born, go to school, to do, to finish, to find work and to have a meaningful relationship. If something on this list not to do to a certain point, everything will be bad! Recalls the moment of the militants, when an urgent need to defuse the bomb. Not in time to a point in lifting at work, start the car or sleep with a woman? The bomb exploded, now you’re a loser! In fact, no, there isn’t. All these classifications of life created for those who cannot live without a foreign pointer. There are things which are really too late (e.g., certain sports), but most things for all ages.

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