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Today we will talk about a rather sentimental topic, which we simply could not write (a men’s magazine or not?!). In the world of big things, it would seem that everything has to be big. Of course, the opportunity to meet a girl is an important factor in the competitiveness of a guy, but it depends on the size? Size was always the factor of shame or pride dude, but it affects the fun? Yes, it does, but not quite as you think.

Performance and physical endurance for girls play a much greater role than the penis, but did you without us know. However, it is not always good equipment — the guarantee of victory, sometimes it need something else. Do not take the same good running shoes margin of victory in the race? Today we will try to answer the question, what matters more for girls: technique, skill, and other buns or large size.

Problems in your head

It may seem funny, but the statistics of the sizes of penises being… since 1942. Some time ago, right? For some reason I just seem to be Nazi Germany, which is trying to prove to the world that the Aryan race members and an enviable size. All these data, collected over so many years, has led us to the fact that the average penis size around the globe — from 14 to 16 inches in length and 4 to 6 inches in diameter. But the researchers of this wasn’t enough, they interviewed 50 thousand heterosexual men and women to find out whether they are satisfied with your penis or your partner. 80 percent of women noted that quite happy with the penis of the elect, while only half of the men surveyed were satisfied with their size. You know, man?

Women are much more liberal and democratic on the part of the penis, as these odds were not much concerned — the main thing that it was nice. You’re not a porn star, right?

So when bro cares about their size, we can say with confidence that friend this morning, she’s all happy.

What a girl thinks about this?

Do you think girls really can determine the length of his penis with an accuracy of half a centimeter? But the figure can’t! Because it requires a sickly eye. Most girls are unlikely to distinguish 18 inches from 24. If a member of a small girl, of course, you will understand that it is not giant, but its exact characteristics will never know.

Members have a lot in common with women’s Breasts (you just don’t think I’m drunk). As with women’s Breasts, a stupid bro think the main thing is the size, but much bigger Breasts, despite the fact that they are real, can be very scary when a friend will remove a t-shirt. They can be saggy, with a weird deformed nipples sticking out in different directions to be asymmetrical, but that the most common, they can be just ugly, so that even say «On taste and color…» no one wants. Same thing with penises: it seems to be great, but for girls frankly terrible (although I personally think that penises most often it’s not particularly beautiful and reminiscent of the tentacles). The penis can be, though large, but crooked, that quickly negates all of his accomplishments.

If the girl will have to choose between the man larger than the average and below average skills and a man with average size and skills are above average, she will prefer the latter. If happy girl is quite a good fingers, what to speak about something larger and thicker their.

A little bit of logic and biology

Women’s vagina is a thing that offers exceptional conformability to any changes. It can with due diligence to accept a small and very impressive size. The girl, who had a small number of men may feel the same during sex with a guy with an average size of a girl that had a very large number of partners during sex with a guy whose penis is very large. Besides, in a relaxed not agitated woman’s vagina reaches a length of 7.62 cm When the girl is excited, its length increases by an inch. All the rest — ballast, which is either sticking out, or occasionally beats and rubs against that, not nice, for example, about the uterus, rather, according to women, it hurts. Also, do not forget that women have sensitive nerve endings are in the very beginning. So what about the size do not worry… Worry on account of the thickness as it turned out, girls love sausages and, more specifically, 90 percent of girls!

The more

Dissatisfaction with a member of the new partner is most likely to occur precisely because a girl in my life has changed quite a lot of partners, because, admit it, girl you’re the third or fourth, to an average penis can easily get used to. Coupled with confidence, affection and comfort your size to worry about it at all never will be. You can assume that your confidence increases your penis a few inches.

Don’t worry

If you’re worried about the size of your sexual penis pump communication skills and the fun girls. And read us, we are cool and eliminates the complexes.

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