Dodge Tomahawk. Motorcycle crazy bro.


Dude, this bike is simply amazing. He is able to outrun the planes! propeller planes and helicopters, whose cruising speed is around 260, to a maximum of 300 km/h. It’s hard to imagine, man. Independent suspension all four wheels improves stability on the road. Word, man, it’s nerealnyy bike.

General characteristics

Weight on rear axle % 51.0%

Weight on front axle % 49.0%

Weight, including the liquid 680.4

Seat height 737mm

Clearance 76mm

Wheelbase 1,930 mm

The volume 8277.00sm3

Gas tank 12.30 l

Full height 937mm

Full length 2,591 mm

Full width 704mm


The cylinder diameter / Stroke 102.4 x 100.6 mm

The number of valves per cylinder 2

Torque 712.00 Nm

Capacity 500.00 HP

The cylinders are V — shaped

Cooling system Liquid

The power supply system Injector

Distribution system OHV

The number of ticks 4

Number of cylinders 10


Gear 2


The diameter of the rear brake 508mm

Diameter front brakes 508mm

Rear brakes Double disc

Front brakes 2x disc


Acceleration from standstill to 100 km/h 2.500 secondss

The maximum speed 482.8 km/h

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