Dodge Tomahawk. Motorcycle crazy bro.

Dodge Tomahawk. Motorcycle crazy bro.


Dude, this bike is simply amazing. He is able to outrun the planes! propeller planes and helicopters, whose cruising speed is around 260, to a maximum of 300 km/h. It’s hard to imagine, man. Independent suspension all four wheels improves stability on the road. Word, man, it’s nerealnyy bike.

General characteristics

Weight on rear axle % 51.0%

Weight on front axle % 49.0%

Weight, including the liquid 680.4

Seat height 737mm

Clearance 76mm

Wheelbase 1,930 mm

The volume 8277.00sm3

Gas tank 12.30 l

Full height 937mm

Full length 2,591 mm

Full width 704mm


The cylinder diameter / Stroke 102.4 x 100.6 mm

The number of valves per cylinder 2

Torque 712.00 Nm

Capacity 500.00 HP

The cylinders are V — shaped

Cooling system Liquid

The power supply system Injector

Distribution system OHV

The number of ticks 4

Number of cylinders 10


Gear 2


The diameter of the rear brake 508mm

Diameter front brakes 508mm

Rear brakes Double disc

Front brakes 2x disc


Acceleration from standstill to 100 km/h 2.500 secondss

The maximum speed 482.8 km/h

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