Documentary, clearing the brain

A documentary is often more powerful and impressive imagination and artistic tool than what we are stuffed with modern cinema. Movies about us, about our surrounding reality, with all the beauty and shit without unnecessary adornments.

Such documentary films differ in genre and style, but they all have a common property, namely, affect the consciousness of the viewer and do not leave indifferent.

1. Overcoming challenges

1. Brooklyn castle (2012)

The film talks about how extracurricular activities do not affect children in urban schools.

The story of urban educational institution, where 65% of children come from families with incomes below the Federal established poverty level. However, this has not hindered the country’s best chess school and one of the best schools in new York. But the problems with the government funding the administration put before a difficult choice: how to hold on so hard won achievements and to remain true to their ideals and principles?

2. The Project «Bully»(2011)


The main characters of the film — teenagers, whose stories from different sides show the problem of bullying in American schools. Within one academic year, the authors observed the lives of five schoolchildren and their families, two of whom have completed suicide. The film tells about how important it is to stay away and to show compassion in this cruel world.

3. Deadly game (2005)


The film, destroying all the stereotypes about the disabled and their implied restrictions. Will tell you about athletes who have developed their own style of Rugby to get the chance to become participants of the Paralympic games in Athens. Disabled athletes play in a specially designed «Gladiator» wheelchairs and are not afraid to speak openly about their feelings, emotions, fears, and love for the game and life.

4. Faster, stronger, more powerful (2008)


Documentary explores the topic of steroids on their own experience of the Director Christopher bell and his two brothers who brought up the examples of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Hulk Hogan and Sylvester Stallone.

5. The island President (2011)



Documentary about the first year as President of the Maldives Mohamed Nasheed. He is conducting a campaign to draw attention to the problems of climate change, as it is an island country every year more and more disappearing under the water.

2. Culture

6. Marley(2012)


The Director of this documentary, Kevin MacDonald, travels through the main pages of life known to the world musical family. He tries to unravel the mystery: why an undeniable contribution to the art and culture of these people influential to this day.

7. Senna (2010)


A film about one of the best racers in the history of Formula 1, the great athlete and the man who could do miracles on the racetrack and stay with the person. This is the story of a unique «Wizard» — Ayrton Senna.

8. Exit through the gift shop (2010)


The film, created by the famous London artist Banksy, in which he talks about how street art affects cultural life of the society and people in General.

9. The great American cowboy (1973)


The painting, which received an Oscar in the category «Best documentary film», tells the story of the rivalry between the two stars Rodeo veteran Larry Mahan and newcomer Phil of Shit.

A lot of bright moments, action and dashing leap.

3. Science

10. In the shadow of the moon (2007)


Between 1968 and 1972 to the moon was sent 9 space crews, its surface went 12. They are the only people standing on another heavenly body. The film is a reminder of how much we have yet to learn about the world and the universe.

11. Titanic: Final word with James Cameron (2012)


Although James Cameron, known for grossing blockbusters, he spent an incredible amount of time in search of an answer to the unsolved mystery of the notorious liner. What happened in the last minute with the ship? As he collapsed? How did he drown? As it reached the bottom? Why it sank so quickly? Was it possible to save more people? James Cameron tries to shed light on these and many other questions, forcing us to look at historical events from a new angle.

12. Touching the void (2003)


The adaptation of the bestseller authored by renowned climber Joe Simpson-says one of the most incredible, really happening stories of climbers. Describes the rise of Simpson and his friend Simon Yates on one of the peaks of the Peruvian Andes in 1985, with a height of 7 thousand meters. Injuries, the struggle for survival, the constant balancing on the verge of death — the hourly experienced climbers on the way to his dream.

Simpson and Yates with returning to the scene to tell his story before the camera lens.

13. Encounters at the end of the world (2007)


The film, which shows the incredible and the incomprehensible beauty of Antarctica and the courage of the brave men who dare to explore these icy lands.

4. Tragedy and crime

14. Thin blue tape (1988)

Pora was.kom.ua_16.09.2014_neMh60H8JM8gy

Documentary investigation of a terrible and violent crime. The film, which literally pulled out of prison are innocent and were forced again to resume the investigation.

15. The act of killing (2012)


Hard to watch a film that tells about the horrors of genocide. Following the Indonesian military coup of 1965, paramilitaries and sadistic criminals killed more than a million alleged Communists. These murders went unpunished and the perpetrators are still powerful people who can fully count on the support of corrupt politicians, without fear of punishment.

16. Tightrope Walker (2007)


When August 7, 1974 French tightrope Walker Philippe Petit did his «artistic crime of the century», namely: walking the tightrope, stretched between the famous twin towers in new York, the whole country froze in disbelief. Documentary Director James Marsh — is not only the anthem of a desperate daredevil, but also a tribute to the era, destroyed September 11, 2001.

17. National Geographic: September 11: terror Chronicle (mini-series) (2005)


Documentary explores the time «before» and «after» of one of the worst terrorist attacks in human history.

5. Health and diet

18. Double portion(2004)


The scandalous documentary investigating the role of the network of fast food restaurants «McDonald’s» in the obesity of Americans.

6. The world of animals

19. Grizzly man (2005)



The film tells the sad fate of researcher-lover Timothy Treadwell, who devoted himself to studying the habits of the most fierce bear on the planet — the grizzly. The life of Treadwell ended in October 2003 in Alaska.

20. Bird 2: Journey to the edge of the world (2004)


Thousands of Emperor penguins leave the robust depths of the ocean, out on the cold ground and begin their long journey deep into so severe and frosty continent that there’s no life there, where should give birth to offspring and ensure the survival of the species.

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