Doctor, I have an idea: what to do with their enthusiasm

business onlineThere are many reasons to hate people. Here’s a few reasons: I hate when someone is too energetic. I hate when every day someone Matures an idea of towering genius. Hate when someone always moan Board about the same and does nothing. Seen one of these?

With the flourishing of social networks are all as crazy. Everyone is a businessman, Creator, craftsman, marketer, photographer and showman — and all they want from me. People incredibly are pushing the idea that they can make love and not spend money on advertising, restricting public in social networks and, they say, they then begin to live happily ever after. If you’re one of those, and you have the idea, we have something to talk about.

Your ideas are in fact garbage

You’re probably surrounded by idiots, people who always and in everything agree with the others, or those and others. They tell you that you came up with a cool thing, because…

a) they have no idea how the ideas of spin. All their ideas about the new and interesting is limited by the press, television, public Vkontakte and any Switch. Only here’s the catch: by imitating someone whose model for success works on hurrah, you yourself will not receive benefits. Why? This garbage is already there. The niche occupied.

b) they’re lying to you, and you are surrounded by some wrong people. Business (let’s call a spade a spade) is a living organism. Your idea ideally should be placed in the environment in which it can survive and bring you the loot.

If you sure came up with something ingenious (and thus mistaken), you have nobody to blame for your own failures but yourself. Your ideas are failing, because you’re a moron. The idea uninteresting, or you are wrong to introduce something very bad, or you have worked enough concept that I want to develop.

Your idea can withstand the competition? There is no way that you’re starting something, and all the people immediately as the team spraschivat hands, clutching his head and begin to sing of you. If, contrary to their expectations did not happen (weird, huh?), that means we need to do redo everything and make new. Just as long as you executed the idea well enough. Maybe there’s something that happened before and passed into Oblivion, and the dudes would like something like that? Maybe somewhere an empty niche? Notice and safely use all of market weakness.

There are only two types of ideas: the void and steep — there is no third

And no one really hears your ideas

You yourself are responsible for your own success. No one else. If you have no public, no blog, no lousy vizitochka — why be surprised? All spit on you and on your concerns and your failures, no one even knows what you do with your Turkey there.

This problem differs from the previous, when people know about you, but they do not care, because your idea is worthless (by the way, there are only two kinds of ideas: little and cool middle ground). Now you have to get people to hear you while you have with anybody does not communicate directly.

No one can help you

All by myself, all by myself. I think someone will help you out of a pure heart — just like that? No. This someone no or resources, or desire. And then, how can we help you?

If you think you can do anything to make someone else’s hands, you know fuck it floated. Are you going to represent anything not capable of shit — all of you will open. Understand that before you shit, not too difficult. Won’t be trying to increase the audience figure it will increase by itself. Why do you think you’re so interesting? Around hyped, and people are much easier to pay attention to a newly appeared God knows what. Not going to keep up with time all will forget you. New trends emerge every day and people know about them. Who cares what was interesting a year ago? Not me. Not you. Anyone.

So next time, when another young lady will call you in the next group with another butterfly, feel free to send it in the oven along with her handmade beauties. First, they already have a lot. Second, they are not (I hope so). Thirdly, if you suddenly will visit the bright idea to start to give birth on light of their own butterfly, better squeeze your ass and think again. Thought?

Ask yourself, not shit. Honestly. Ask yourself, not afraid you will tell people about it. Honestly. Ask yourself whether you are ready to diligently plow to turn their idea into any kind of handful of dough. I beg you: honestly. It would be better for all of us.

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