Docking station out of wood for your iPhone


We all have a cellular phone that needs constant charging, so why not turn that mundane action into something aesthetic? This docking station for iPhone wood are not only original, but also very durable accessory. Perhaps now you will cease to forget to put recharge your smartphone.

You will need:

    • a piece of tree bark, the stricter the better;
    • table saw;
    • acrylic paint, color of your choice;
    • a small brush;
    • this stand is made for iPhone 5C, so you need drill a 10 mm, 16 mm end mill.
    • Tip:

      Take a piece of the slab, it is desirable that the lower part was flat, so you don’t have to cut and to Polish it. Average width of 22-23 cm

      1. Start

      Depending on how wide you need the docking station, cut a piece of wood. In the example turned out blank 22×20 cm Next, cut the groove. Use the cutter of the specified size and make the recess about three cm incision is made at your discretion. In our example, 8 see

      2. Coloring stand

      Any pre-selected color acrylic paint cavity of the recess.


      Measure the diameter of your charger cord and pick up the appropriate drill bit. You also need to measure the center point of the newly made cavity in the base to drill through it. Thus, the wires of the charger can be removed from under tree bark. To stand stood on the table, can attach the bottom four small rubber «feet». This will boost your stand at 2.5 cm from the table surface and give a place for the wires.

      All ready, man, can sit and admire the creation of their skilled hands!

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